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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Turkey and Blog Posts for Thanksgiving

          Hope everyone had a great week. And can you believe Thanksgiving is on Thursday? Don't know why but this year it took me by surprise moreso than other years. Thanksgiving has always been a favorite day for me. This year I don't think my wife and I are going to do things up too big like we've done in past year, but we'll still have a smaller sized traditional dinner.

         The past week was somewhat odd. Perhaps I'm now feeling the pressure from trying to keep up with my NaNo novel.  I'm still at it and keeping up. I'll be providing my insight on Monday's post and talk about what roadblocks and detours I've been encountering and will look forward to hearing about how other writers, as well as in other vocations, deal with the types of things that I'll be talking about.

        Over the past several Sundays I've been doing a series about prayer and talking to God. Tomorrow's post will deal with listening to God.

        Had some fun reaction to my last week's post about toothpaste . This Tuesday I'll be getting in a Thanksgiving spirit with a post about traditional Thanksgiving fare. I'll be hoping to hear about some of your Thanksgiving favorites.

        For my Wednesday interview story I will be profiling Lonnie Carver, a professional musician who branched out into worship ministry and now acts as the worship leader at a Tennessee church. This past week's story about artist Ada Jackson got a very good response from those who left comments.  According to my tracking stats, viewership to the Tossing It Out site tripled on that day. 

        The weird one for the past week was Thursday's debate topic on the Bible in schools . I guess that old adage, “Never discuss religion or politics in polite company” is pretty true.  Not many of you seemed to want to touch that one, although I was pretty impressed by the substantial comment contributions from two favorite bloggers, Carrie Kei Heim Binas and Stephen T. McCarthy . I would encourage you to go check that post and the commentary as well--and certainly feel free to add more comments.  Perhaps this Thursday I'll try to avoid the overly controversial and get silly. Let me know if you think I get off-base with some of my topics.

         Yesterday I had another post about death stories.  They were not morbid stories, just ironic stories. One of the comments on this post was left by psychologist Harris Stern who has an interesting blog called Who Am I? Who Are You?  .  Harris has some interesting posts about death, as well as telling life stories. He also has a website that you may enjoy .

         So what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Do you have a long-standing tradition that you'd like to tell us about?  What was your most unusual Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for?
                   Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Nice Post Arlee!
    As you may remember from my recent post about "Grumpy Grownups" I get to spend Thanksgiving with about 30 of my husbands relatives who are already griping about how it should go. But I know that in the end it should be a nice time. To answer your last question, I am Thankful for my husband & the 3 wonderful children that God has blessed us with. You know of course we had only planned on 2, but He showed us His plans are so much greater! And sure enough(not that I don't love the first 2 as much)but this 3rd child is the light of my life! I am Thankful every day that I listened to God and his divine wisdom. I actually had a few friends and even my OBGYN
    subtly suggest that I not keep the pregnancy due to my advanced age at the time(41) and possible health risks or abnormalities.I cannot imagine my life now without having this beautiful child in it!
    Thanks Be To God!!! Hope you and your family are blessed with a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! God Bless!

  2. Since I'm going to spend Christmas in Oklahoma with my daughter and grandkids, I'm going to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and sister-in-law and family. We all usually bring a dish, then the women sit around after lunch, talking and then cleaning up, while the males sit in front of the TV watching football. Thats okay as this year we'll have a year old Lily to play with. What about you?

  3. Just your usual family get together. There will only be 12 of us at the most. The four in Fla won't be here. Also the usual, we don't have anything different, ole Tom and all the side dishes. Parades and football. Hoping you, your wife and family have a great day.

  4. `
    >>[What are you thankful for?]<<

    I'm thankful for being scheduled to work on Thanksgiving Day so that I'll miss the family gathering.

    I'm also thankful for the plug you gave my Blog. But since it will be ignored anyhow, you might as well have linked to my REAL Blog. You know the one I'm talking about - the really controversial one that you might not want anyone to know you visit!

    Ha!-Ha! I'm just bustin' yer chops a bit, my friend. It's all in fun. (You know me!)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, rLEE-b. (And stay away from wine in a box!)

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

  5. Good line-up, Arlee! Our family's tradition is to have big reuinions around major holidays. This Thanksgiving will be not as big as some, but still a blessing to see lots of grandkids and nieces and nephews that I don't often get to see. I also have a fun, humorous Thanksgiving Day post planned on my blog. Hope your Thanks is a Blessed One this week!

    The Old Silly

  6. My family tradition is to go to my mom and dad's on T-Day and we celebrate my granddaugther's birthday that day too which this year does not fall on T-day but often does.

    I love love love being with my family for any celebration.

    I am thankful my family is close to each other.

  7. Sounds like all of us except for Stephen are going pretty traditional in one way or another and that's nice. I love the family gathering although I wish more of my kids lived nearby to enjoy it with us.
    Guess my wife decided to have all of her family over after all. They love the dinner I cook at Thanksgiving. And this year so we're not paying the whole thing like we used to, everyone is bringing something. It's always a nice gathering even though most of the older folk don't speak English and I'm not too great with my Spanish. I usually end up hanging out with the younger crowd since they all speak English.
    Thanks for all the great comments!

  8. Looking forward to Thanksgiving myself- yummy!

    Can't wait to hear how NaNo is going for you.

  9. Hi, Arlee,

    I'm Karen from VBT Writers on the Move. You commented on Stephen Tremp's blog on the 17th. Stephen is part of the VBT anniversary tour and you are the winner of the day.

    You have the choice of one of 3 books or a guest spot on the VBT blogsite.

    You can email me at:


    And, I'm going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. And, I'm thankful for everything!

    Karen Cioffi

  10. So, Tamika, you're back online. Good! Hope your hiatus was productive. I'll look forward to your update on your next posting.

  11. Aww! rLEE-b, please don't tell me that after all this time you're still taking me seriously. Shame on you, Brother.

    In truth, I do have to work on Thanksgiving Day, but I don't have to report for duty until 16:00. Prior to that, I will get together with what family I have here in Phoenix and do da "Thanksgiving Thang."

    In the future, "He's yanking my chain" or "He's pulling my leg" are the best starting points of thought for you to entertain whenever reading comments I leave. Unless the subject is politics or religion, chances are I'm laying it on thick with tongue in cheek.

    Ever The Serious One...
    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" Stephen

  12. I really do intend to eventually finish my thoughts on the other post... but it's an emotionally draining topic!



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