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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ada Jackson: Portrait of a Young Artist

          Art is the cumulative result of the artist's talents and life's experiences reflecting a combined vision of the reality of the world in which we live and the world dreamed and imagined. When I look at the work of talented young artist Ada Jackson this is what I see.  In her work, Ada manipulates the motifs of memories with the fanciful and surrealistic to create visual pieces of stark beauty at times, whimsey at others, and always compelling and interesting.

           Ada Jackson was born in the East Tennessee town of Maryville, Tennessee in 1982. Her parents traveled with a theatrcal production which toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada. Her upbringing in the theater scene certainly had a big influence on shaping the way she sees the world. She was on stage at a young age and when she was nine years old she played the lead role in a stage musical based on PINOCCHIO.

         Shortly after this tour, Ada and her family settled in Downey, California at which time Ada's interest in art began to be nurtured.  Having been greatly influenced by her grandfather, artist Frank Pastore from Richmond, Virginia, Ada was encouraged to allow her artistic expression to flourish by some of her school teachers.

        In 2005 Ada moved to Central New Jersey to pursue a career in real estate.  However, her passion to be an artist led her to pursue her dream with conviction. She has gained recognition from her exhibits in New Jersey and started her website, . In her current business Ada creates custom works made from photos and memorabilia provided by her customers as well as her unique paintings.

         Ada took some time to talk to me about her works and dreams.

How would you describe your art?

I would describe my paintings and drawings as abstract expressionistic. I usually like to incorporate photos into my paintings. I feel that I put a lot of myself into my work. Whatever I am feeling at the time, usually comes across in my art.

                                                  Open  Your  Eyes                                                                                                                   This piece was created in support of the World  Hunger Foundation            

What are some of your goals as an artist?

I would eventually like to be known for my original artwork but in the meantime I would like to use my art to make people happy. I use to create unique, thoughtful gifts.

Are there any artists that have inspired you?

I have always loved Vincent Van Gogh but I think my Grandfather, Frank Pastore, has been my biggest inspiration. He and I share the same artisitic style. I didn't even realize how alike our style is until recently.

Blue Emilee

Where is a place that one of artworks you have created would end up that would make you say, “Now I’ve really made it as an artist”?

Definitely somewhere like the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But it doesn't take much for me to feel like an artist. It may seem silly but last year I entered a contest at Starbucks where artwork was displayed there for a month. At the end of the month they had an event where they picked the winners of the contest. Proceeds from the event went to the World Hunger Foundation. I ended up winning and someone bought that piece. It felt so great to create a piece of art that inspired people and that helped a good cause. I would have to say that is one of the moments, as small as it was, that made me feel like an artist. (See "Open Your Eyes" above)

Where do you like to go for inspiration?

I don't have a particular place that I go for inspiration. To get inspired, it usually takes an event or special cause to inspire me.

Do you listen to music when you work on your art? If so what do you like to listen to?

It depends on my mood. If I do listen to music it's usually older music like the Beatles or The Doors. I also like to listen to Death Cab for Cutie, Nicole Atkins, The Pogues and Kings of Leon.

Which medium of art do you like to work with the most?

I actually have 3 favorite mediums. Acrylic, charcoal and ink.
                                    Ada at work in her studio

If you could have an art studio anyplace in the world, where would you most like it to be and why?
I have never been there before but I would love it if I had a studio in Oia, Santorini, Greece. The pictures look absolutely amazing and I couldn't think of a more beautiful place to paint and draw.

What is your dream in the field of art? What do you see in your artistic future?

My dream is for people to know my work. Whether it be my original artwork or my collages I just want people to get inspiration from what I do. I see myself continuing to use art as an emotional outlet. If I never reach the level of a Vincent Van Gogh then that's fine with me. I would just like to be able to touch a few people's lives for the good through my art.

Why should people go to your website and commission a work from you?

I feel that people should visit my website because it might give them an idea for a very personal and thoughtful gift. When you order a collage from me, I take your memories, whether they are photos, letters, a child's drawing, and I create a unique piece of art. It is not a digital collage. It is an actual painting that includes your personal mementos. I put a lot of hard work and thought into every collage. You and your loved ones will not be disappointed.
Girl Kissing Her Baby

by Ada Jackson

                                                                                                        "Hope"   Donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

        Try to support the arts and young artists. Be sure to visit Ada's website and keep her in mind if you are looking for a truly unique gift.

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  1. Nice interview, nice art. I love art.

    Art is so indiviual, don't you think?

  2. Great post ~ great interview ~ great website!

    Thanks for the discovery, as well as joining my blog, Arlee Bird!

    An inspired artist,

    ~ MCJ ~

  3. `
    rLEE-b ~
    Good Blog Bit, Brother.

    >>[ADA JACKSON: "If I never reach the level of a Vincent Van Gogh then that's fine with me."]<<

    Of course, Van Gogh was considered a miserable failure during his own lifetime. It wasn't until quite some time after his death that he became recognized as a true master. If I recall correctly (do I?), Vincent sold only one painting while he was alive, and that was because his brother cajoled a potential customer.

    In my late teens and early twenties, Van Gogh was a major hero of mine. I shared his intensity and, at that time, desire to create art. Later, I moved away from the idea of becoming an artist, while channeling all that intensity into theatre.

    My interests shifted again, and this time in the direction of writing... until Mark Twain convinced me that sawing wood is what I was created to do.

    At that point, I gave up hope and felt much better. (Thank you, Sam Clemens!)

    Well, good luck to Ada! I hope she ain't carrying around that Van Gogh intensity inside her also - that stuff's hard to deal with.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" Stephen

    POSTSCRIPT: In my next life, I'm going to be a musician. Either that or a tin woodman with a heart of gold.

  4. Stephen,
    You never fail to make me laugh outloud.
    Thanks for your comment and I hope Ada reads it and receives some encouragement.

    Theater you say? Now I don't ever remember reading anything about that in your posts. Learned something new about you.

  5. What an inspiration and such a humble spirit she has. I enjoyed the interview immensely. Very talented.

    Thanks for stopping by and joining!

  6. It's always nice to see different aspects of artists' lives, to know their influences and intent and see their journey travelled. Thanks for sharing Ada's interview here.

  7. Loved this post, learning about Ada and her artwork is, well - exceptional! And I love this ...

    "I would like to use my art to make people happy."

    What a great attitude!

    The Old Silly

  8. Hi Arlee,
    Thanks for letting me know about this post! It was wonderful. I love her work. Thanks also for your comment on my post about Twilight. I agree with your opinion! :)

  9. >>["Theater you say? Now I don't ever remember reading anything about that in your posts."]<<

    Oh yeah, Bro, it's come up a few times. I was gonna be the next James Dean for awhile but... "Stuffs" happens.

    I could send you links to a couple of old Blog Bits that make mention of that old dream, but you have so much on your plate these days... Maybe some other time.

    Whaddaya doin' readin' this stuffs? Yer supposed to be writin', ain't ya? Get to work, OR YOU'RE FIRED!

    ~ Doggtor Stephen

  10. Stephen,
    Go ahead and send the links. I'd love to read about it. Hey I've got time.

    And I'm writing and reading and writing. I think I'm doing okay.

  11. Great Job Ada! Very original artwork, always loved it!

  12. Alright, Buddy, I'll send you the links via Email. I doubt you'd want them posted here.

    ~ Doggtor Stevieboy

  13. Stephen,
    You can post them wherever you want.
    Actually I've been promoting your blog,
    to other bloggers and nobody has gotten mad at me directly or said anything bad to me about it.

  14. Great Interview!!!!!! Love your artwork, Ada!

  15. Very unique artwork Ada. Very impressive!!!

  16. Very impressive and beautiful Ada!

  17. Hi to you Arlee Bird....this is what happens in this blogging life. You visited my page and commented, now here I am paying you a visit and finding such a great and different blog. Congrats on such a stylish page (and content!) ....and...YOU ARE A GUY....someone from the opposite sex has visited my that's something to tell my family. Unlike yours, mine were once the only readers I had, and I think to some extent purely out of pity...however the times, they are a changin !!

  18. I love Ada's work... it has a depth to it that I love so much. The Hunger Foundation meant a lot to me. I found it so amazing to look at that I cannot describe it.

  19. I'm so proud of you Ada! all your work is beautiful! you got more comments than ME!!!! Love ya!

    Big Brother Sebz

  20. I loved your definition, it is one of the best I have ever seen: "Art is the cumulative result of the artist's talents and life's experiences reflecting a combined vision of the reality of the world in which we live and the world dreamed and imagined."


  21. Thank you Ernest for the kind acknowledgement. And thanks for visiting my blog. I have been in Borger, TX a few times. It's a remote but fascinating area. Somewhere I still have a cap that was given to me by a civic organization there --maybe the Lion's Club? Anyhow hope you revisit on occasion and by the way I love the effect on your profile photo.


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