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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Writing At Night

        Halloween is typically a night filled with fun and festivities for many.  I always loved Halloween as a child.  It was certainly one of my favorite events of the year.  When my children were younger I always liked Halloween because I wanted my kids have the same fun experiences I had when I was their age. It's usually fairly typical for parents to want to watch their kids having the good experiences that they remember from childhood -- except usually on a bigger scale.  Recently my granddaughter had her first birthday and her parents threw her a party that was bigger than anything I ever did for my kids. And my kids had more elaborate parties than I ever recall my siblings or I ever having had.  But I had a great childhood and I can't complain. In any case, my kids are all grown and when it comes to Halloween I'm there sequestered in my living room as I wait for each round of trick-or-treaters to come to my door to collect their goodies.  I play along, but I think I'd rather have the lights out, watching a movie and then going to bed by 10 PM.  Things have changed for me.
          When I was younger I enjoyed sleeping late -- often til around noon if school or work didn't interfere-- and staying up late, very late-- sometimes so late that it was really early as in watching the sun rise.  Oftentimes I would be socializing with friends, but if was at home alone I frequently would write.  There's something about writing at night that I have always enjoyed.  Maybe it's just because all the day's activities are finished and writing is about all that's left besides going to sleep.  Sleep is great as far as I'm concerned.  Besides the restorative nature of rest, the dreaming is kind of like writing without really having anything tangible to show for it when you wake up.  For me, dreaming is very stimulating as though I've read a book or story written by my subconcious.  Sometimes if a dream is particularly striking I will write the dream down immediately after I awaken so as not to forget the details.  Later, if the dream seems to have potential as a story or some other written form I will futher develop it.  I have written stories, poems, and songs based on a dream.  How many writers use their dreams as a well of creativity?  I would like to hear about some of the experiences writers have had with this and what was the process of development.
          Now I rarely physically write at night.  I guess just it's just the routine I've fallen into.  I have heard about many writers who formulate a routine that is much like a job.  They will write early in the morning at a regularly scheduled time and quit at a daily designated time.  A lot of scheduling has to depend on what other things you might do in life or career.  I have not fallen into a regular writing pattern since losing my job seven months ago.  And seems like there are so many other things the vie for my attention when it comes to writing.  It does come down to a matter of persistence and sometimes forcing yourself to write.  That's one thing I like about the blogging experience.  If you're going to blog on a regular basis you just have to do it.  I've explored some of the other blogs and find a wide variety of approaches.  Some post weekly, some daily, and some whenever.  Some bloggers that I come across haven't posted for a year or more.  Some have posted one or two times and then never again.  What motivates some and defeats others?
        I read the following post from July 1, 2009 on another blog:

I will start writing again soon, I promise. I just need some inspiration or something and don't want to force it :)

I entered the following comment:

I'd say go ahead and force it. If nothing else when you just keep on writing it's practice. Even you throw away 90% of what you write at least you're honing your chops and getting into a habit. But then again it may depend on whether you want to write as a hobby or for a living. If you are strictly doing it for your own amusement or whatever, then wait for inspiration-- you're not in any hurry. But if you want to make a living at it push it-- write, rewrite, and write again. Put projects aside until you're ready to go back to them again. Or use an idea that has dead-ended for you and assimilate it as a part of something else later. Or just plain out trash it when you realize it's no good. It's your product and you need to take pride in it and be concerned about the satisfaction of your customers.

If it's a job, then you treat like a job-- you get up whether you want to or not, be professional, and do the work you need to do. If it's your love, then treat it gently, don't be overly critical, take time apart if you need your own time- sleep late, have brunch with
champagne, and spend the afternoon in the park with your "love".

      Now that's just the way I look at it.  What is your opinion?

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