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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Are You Gonna Be For Halloween?

          Halloween is the time when you can be something other than who you normally are.  Of course, many of you will, like me, not dress up and just be your usual self.  On the other hand, many adults will be dressing up just like the kids will.  Halloween is a great time to live out your fantasy, blow off some steam, and have a good time.  If you are one of those who will be donning costume for Halloween, who or what are you going to be?

           According to many industry prognosticators, the most popular costumes will be witches and vampires.  Well, duh, who needs to tell us this?  These have always been the most popular.  Especially with the huge popularity of the "Twilight" series and all of the many books, movies, and TV shows about vampires and witchcraft.  These costumes can be done quite simply and inexpensively and don't require a mask or head covering.  I think that most people don't like the claustrophobic effect of enclosing the head and face.

           Yesterday the Michael Jackson movie opened after a huge publicity build-up. The reviews so far have rave with the word "Oscar" being mentioned by some reviewers.  This will cinch the Michael Jackson character as a costume choice for many.  Michael Jackson has been high on the list for costume choices in any case seeing as how half the year has seen Michael in the news.  The official "Michael Jackson" costumes have been listed in advertised in Halloween store circulars and internet sites since the end of August.  The Party City chain of stores has a very slick TV ad that features the Jackson Zombie character boogieing to the song  "Thriller".

        Actually Michael Jackson has been a popular Halloween figure for many years.  Ever since the "Thriller" album became one of the top selling albums of all time and the extended "Thriller" music video amazed his fans while garnering a whole legion of new fans, the Michael Jackson zombie has been very popular.  Everytime Michael would appear before the cameras he would be wearing some new costume.  The many faces of Michael Jackson were a wealth of inspiration for a whole array of costumes.  Over the past 20 years the Michael Jackson glove, sunglasses, and fedora have been accessory staples in costume shops everywhere.  Michael Jackson will be missed, but he may be around in spirit for years to come.

        The Saturday trick-or-treat crowd will surely be represented by the usual cast of charaters including pirates and princesses, clowns and caped heroes, ghosts and ghouls, and of course the witches and vampires.  There will be the licensed costumes from Disney, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Sesame Street, and many other characters from comics, movies, and TV.   The adult crowd will more than likely stick with the standards and this years variants on the things that have come before.  Many women will continue to purchase the sexy costumes that have become so popular over the past several years.  There probably won't be a whole lot of costumed polical commentary-- that usually is seen more in election years.  Of course there could be something related to the issues of  health care reform.

        I like being myself.  And I would rather be at home than at some Halloween party. That's what I'll be doing this year.  I'll dole out some candy to the strangers at my door and then maybe close shop at 7:30 or so.  I'll douse the lights and my wife and I will sequester ourselves in our bedroom with a horror DVD from Netflix.  Hey, at least I'll be observing Halloween to some extent.  So what are you going to be doing Saturday night?  What kind of costume are you going to wear?


  1. I will be taking my daughter trick-or-treating, and I'll probably be dressed as Starbuck from the new Battlestar Galactica! I'm very much looking forward to it. And a horror movie at home afterwards with the husband is a DEFINITE likelihood.

  2. Nothing brings out the kid in us more than having kids. When my daughters were of that age when they needed me to take them trick-or-treating I would help them with their outfits and then I would always dress up as well. For the last dress up I recall doing, I wore some green work coveralls, painted my face, hair, and hands green and told everyone I was broccoli.
    Hope you are feeling better,

  3. I won't be in costume on Halloween because I'll be working that night at "THE GRAVE." - pray for me!!!

    ~ Stephen T. McMe
    Doggtor of Field Studies, Edgar Allan Poe U.


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