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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Twist on Additional Dimensions: Stephen Tremp's Openings Home and Away Tour

      My guest today is Stephen Tremp, a blogger and author who needs little introduction to my blog audience.  Stephen is one of my earliest blogging friends as well as an A to Z Challenge co-host for the second year.  He is also an author for whom I have much admiration.  This is what brings him here on Tossing It Out today.   

       Stephen Tremp has released the second installment of his Breakthrough book series.and is starting his book tour today on my blog.  So I'm honored to present to you--Stephen Tremp:

A Twist on Additional Dimensions

Hi everyone, and welcome to the first stop of my Grand OPENING Tour! Thanks to Arlee Bird for helping me kick off this event on a most positive note. Arlee read an Advanced Review Copy (ARC) of OPENING and gave me invaluable feedback. Thanks Lee!

This post is on a topic that I’m very much passionate about. I think many others are too. Enjoy the post and I look forward to what other people think about people who seem to have abilities above and beyond that which we call normal.

Okay, getting back to my Science, CERN, and the Bible series ...

You’ve probably met someone who seems to have special “abilities” that are generally perceived to be above and beyond what we would consider normal by our five senses: seeing hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching. Every society since the dawn of mankind has had people they consider to have special “abilities.”

These people can “see” or discern things that most people cannot. These perceived abilities can be filed under various labels such as paranormal, prophecy, extra sensory perception (E.S.P.), gifts of the Holy Spirit (word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning of spirits), demonic possession, out of body experiences, or dreams that are more reality than fantasy. They are called seers, prophets, or mediums. Some would say people who claim to have paranormal abilities are frauds altogether, they are good guessers, they use the power of suggestion, or they’re just plain lucky.

How would you describe the ability to “see” beyond our five senses? One theory is that since the reality we live in is a three-dimensional spatial world (length, width, and height), our senses were created or have evolved within this reality. This is all we should be able to comprehend. We are not conscious of anything else.

Example: If you are hunting a charging bear to feed your family, you need to be able to look at the bear and judge how far away he is, how fast he is closing in on you, and the best moment to throw your spear at him. They say nature is very efficient and generally gives us only what we need to survive.

However, some proponents of M-Theory (ten actual dimensions along with time) think our minds can actually navigate through these additional dimensions (if they do indeed exists), yet our minds are construed to filter information through our five senses and emotions. This is why information and insights are partial rather than whole.

Could it be that there are some people who are more in tune with these additional dimensions and can thus get a glimpse of information that we would consider to be prophetic or of an extra sensory perception? Many people claim to be aware of angelic beings or demonic forces. Some can “read your mail” so to speak. Others have an acute sense of what an investment will do in thirty days and are very accurate in their predictions.

Questions: What are your thoughts? Do you think some people have abilities to “see” beyond our normal five senses?

Stephen Tremp is author of the recently released suspense thriller OPENING, the second book in the BREAKTHROUGH series. You can visit Stephen at Breakthrough Blogs Opening is available for download at:

Amazon for $1.99
Smashwords for $1.99

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  1. Wonderful post Stephen and thanks to ARLEE for letting you use his blog.
    This may or may not come into any catagory you count as a fifth sense, but I am an epiletic which is under control I'm pleased to report but if and when a seizure is looming I can smell "Onions". Whether there are onions being cooked or not. I was told it was to do with the right side of the brain which is the side smells and other senses are responisble for.


  2. I absolutely love the points made about possibly having heightened powers beyond our five senses and have to agree, in my opinion t hat is a distinct possibility. I'm going to have to read up even more on your stuff Stephen, you have a real flair for this buddy.

  3. I think we all have senses beyond the five basics, just most aren't able to use them.

  4. Thanks Lee for hosting me today! This is a great place to kick off the tour. I'll be stopping in throughout the day to say hello.

    Yvonne, that is fascinating. I can see how helpful that would be.

    Yeamie, I used to think this was all a bunch of poo, but over the years I've researched the matter and conclude there is far more out there that we just do not understand at this point.

    Alex, think of all the great shows and movies of people who have extra talents like Heroes and X-Men. As a writer the possibilities are endless.

  5. With multiple dimensions come unlimited possibilities.

  6. I hadn't heard of the M-theory. Interesting stuff!

  7. Thanks Arlee and Stephen.

    I do think that folks have certain abilities that we are currently unable to quantify.

    I would consider the greatest minds alive as arrogant and foolish if they do not concede that there are many concepts that society just does not understood.

  8. I do believe that we can sense with more than just our traditional five. We only use such a minute amount of our brain on average so I think these people are just blessed with being able to use more of their brains.

    Terrific post and congrats on Opening. :)

  9. The 8th Dimension is real, right? Planet ten? (I have a feeling no one will get the reference, but I'll risk it.) Fun post.

  10. My thanks to Stephen for presenting another fascinating topic. Wishing you well on your book Opening, Stephen.

    Thank you to those who have left comments so far and for the comments to come.


  11. Thanks to both Stephen and Arlee for this great post.
    I think it is silly to presume we have reached capacity in what we are able to perceive. I think most of us our limited by our human form. I guess time will tell for all of us :-)

  12. I really love this topic. I think there is a natural marriage of science and the supernatural in trying to explain our universe and our place in it. this is exactly the theme I use to rite my books and many of my blog posts.

    Thanks again Lee for hosting me and for everyone stopping by!

  13. Hi, Lee, hi, Stephen,

    What an interesting subject. I have believed my whole life that gifted people DO have esp. I have seen it first hand by two of my friends who have told me about things years before and as well as knowing things that I had never told them.

    I, myself, under the influence of a few drinks, let my guard down long enough for my insights. I don't drink mostly for this reason.

    Sometimes I see things I don't want to see. So I leave it to my other friends who handle it well.

    I honestly believe that CREATIVE people have this ability. We CAN see many things that others can't because of our heightened sensitivity.

    Good luck Stephen with your book and tour.

    Lee, always a pleasure to visit.

  14. Great post. I believe there is more out there than our five senses, we are just too focused to figure it out.

  15. Congrats to Stephen! Thanks, Lee, for hosting and sharing this info.

  16. Absolutely. I believe some people have abilities above and beyond what most of us experience. In general, humans only utilize a portion of their brains, so what's the purpose of those parts untapped and uncharted? Gotta be there to serve some purpose, and I consider it highly likely that some people have learned how to use them.

  17. I don't know anything about M-Theory, but I do believe some people are able to better use areas of their minds that most of us have no access to.

  18. I think if we can imagine it, somewhere it's true. I do think some people can perceive beyond what the rest of us can. I wish I could sense what they do. It'd be interesting.

    M Theory is damn interesting.

  19. I love the idea of scientific explanations for things that seem supernatural or paranormal. I believe there is a scientific reason for 'extra abilities.' Lots of what we know today must have seemed magical in ancient times.

  20. While I'm generally a sceptic when it comes to the supernatural/spiritual/etc., for me psychic stuff seems a lot more possible (and logical) to me than general religious beliefs. It's the kind of thing I think that someday science will be able to explore/explain.

  21. There are lots of viewpoints so far. People are varied in their reposnses to this topic. Some want to marry the two, others accept them seperately, while others discard one or the other. Then there are those who have a wait and see answer. They believe we as a race will understand things clearly, just not today.

  22. I think you are right, that some people do have special gifts that allow them to see something the rest of us don't see. Is your series paranormal or scifi, Stephen?

  23. Sharon, first the series is action adventure. I add elements of scifi and paranormal in such a way that it makes sense. I love marrying science and the supernatural. Just because something cannot be measured in a test tube does not make it any less real.

  24. I definitely think some people have an incredible sense of intuition or are incredibly adept at putting seemingly unrelated things together. The Sherlock Holmes syndrome, so to speak.

  25. Hi Lee and Stephen .. good luck with Opening - I'm looking forward to reading the print copy ..

    Personally I know two people whom I believe see things and know more than I ever would do ... neither discuss it - just in conversation I picked up this aspect in both of them and then checked out my feelings with them. They are not out there manipulating things - they just have that ability to see things that we wouldn't in the same situation. Neither have exploited their abilities nor tried to ..

    Artists, musicians, mathematicians have abilities to other dimensions that so many of us categorise - I'm sure the brain at birth is capable of much more .. as humans we separate things ... to our detriment.

    I quite like reading about others perceptions and the way they are woven into a story line ..

    Cheers Hilary

  26. I've read some books on the theories of dimensions. It was fascinating! I don't know if I believe that humans can percieve alternate dimensions. Though I would say they might experience moments of clarity at times. Just my thoughts. :)

  27. I definitely believe some people have stronger powers/senses/whatever than most of the rest of us. The brain is an amazing thing and we're just learning the power it holds!

  28. This has been a grand discussion. Very stimulating material as Stephen Tremp is so apt to present. It's been a grand kick off to the Opening tour and I wish you great sales on the book, Stephen.
    Thanks for making this stop and thanks to all of you who have stopped to visit and especially to all who left comments.


  29. I have no opinion on this.

    (Just figured I should weigh in with that.)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  30. Thanks Lee for hosting me! This is a great way to kick off my Grand Opening Tour. Now I'm off to read your review of OPENING.

  31. What an interesting post! I do believe some people seem to have some sort of "sixth sense," I can't understand it, but it's fascinating to think about. Congratulations on Opening and the great start to your tour, Stephen! And thank you for hosting, Lee!


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