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Monday, June 7, 2021

And So I Fly ( #BOTB Results )

 Hello and welcome to my blog.  This is just a short post to announce winners of my Battle of the Bands from last week.  Hope you are having a nice day...

Battle of the Bands Results

        My most recent Battle was between covers of the It's a Beautiful Day's song White Bird.  After all since I'm Arlee Bird and I'm white and I'm gonna fly--in a sense--for the summer, the song seemed like an ironic anthem for me at this point in the life of my blog.  Oh well, whatever.

        The Battle was a face off between The Scones and Vanessa-Mae.  I liked the hippy dippy Scones revue with their long groovy jam of the song, but the flute was just not the violin and the violin is what had attracted me so much to the original version of the song.  Vanessa-Mae had the violin and I liked her updated technopop version of the song.  I'm going with V as in Violin and Vanessa.

        The race ended up pretty well.

Final Vote Tally

The Scones              9 votes

Vanessa-Mae           7 votes

See you when I see you or maybe in my dreams...


  1. BOIDMAN ~

    16 votes ain't nuttin' to sneeze at, and a mere 2-vote differential between the winner and the loser translates to: excellent Battle!

    I intend to post another BOTB installment on July 1st -- it's one I greatly regretted never having gotten around to "back in the day".

    And after that... maybe nuttin', maybe an occasional appearance. I really don't know right now. I guess a lot depends upon my future moods, and just how angry I am at the world around me.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  2. I stand by my declaration, that this is, was my favorite of your Battles. With a spread of 13%, it does not get much more contested. (One swing vote away from a tie!)

    Enjoy your well deserved time away. Have a great Summer, Lee. See you in September.

  3. Lee,

    Your battle was pretty tight but whoo-hoo, my pick won!


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