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Monday, November 23, 2020

And Now Some Words from Lockdown Land ( #BOTB Results )


         Disneyland has been closed most of this year and my guess is that a good many of the businesses around the theme park will be closed from now on because they cannot sustain.  Thanks Governor Gavin Newsome who is in the running for worst state governor along with Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer.   May they all win in a three-way tie.  RECALL THEM ALL!

Battle of the Bands Results


         My latest Battle didn't win over many hearts and perhaps came closer to giving heart attacks.  Can't say I was particularly thrilled with this Battle but I didn't hate either version that I offered in this round either.  I wouldn't make a habit of listening to either, but they were okay and one was as good (or bad) as the other as far as I am concerned.

         The Battle featured the artists Naytronix and Lee Being with their trip hopped versions of the Janet Jackson hit "What Have You Done for Me Lately?"  Since there was more of a psychedelic sound to the Naytronix cover that is the one upon which I bestowed my vote.

Final Vote Tally

Naytronix         5 votes

Lee Being         6 votes

Next Battle on ????

      I'll probably go ahead and do another Battle on Tuesday December 1st, but it will depend on my mood and maybe other factors.  Then again I might just be watching TV or something.  Did somebody say something about Christmas?   Heck, I'm not even sure what I'm going to do about Thanksgiving yet.  I think Governor Newsome has cancelled all such things.  For now, things are kind of up in the air for me--and I don't mean that I'm juggling.


  1. I totally agree with your picture about keeping our eyes covered.
    Made much sense.

  2. They are still trying to recall him and hopefully they do. I think the governor for Oregon is in the running for worst, too. (Although my latest post of Facebook about her sure stirred up some comments.)

  3. We are basically in lockdown too. Toronto is in Red-Lockdown and my area is in orange. You know me, I am all for wearing masks and taking the precautions that we need to take to stop this virus. Since I don’t live in a place where it is being bombed, I don’t have to worry about my home being taken or “disappearing” because my views are opposite the government, wearing a mask is seems so minuscule in the reality of the world. I am all for lockdown. This seems to be. Good BOTB because it was so close.

  4. Lee,

    Close battle. Unfortunately my candidate lost, though.

    I hate to read about the restrictions you're under but despite it all just remember no one can take Thanksgiving or Christmas away from you. This is something that's with you always. You can quietly celebrate with your wife giving thanks to God for all of your blessings and as a Christian, well CRHISTmas resides in our heart 365 days. Rejoice for the Lord is good and He's watching over you. Don't let the Dems still your happiness. Rejoice and be happy for your bounty overflows, my friend. Saying prayers for COVID and the liberals to slink back under the rock from which they came so good folks can get back to normal life once again. Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings, see what God has done. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend!


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