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Monday, December 21, 2015

Juggling Museum & BOTB Results

The Juggling Jacksons promo shot 1966--That's Arlee
standing behind Dad.
The Juggling Jacksons

        Some of you might have seen my post at Wrote By Rote (my memoir blog) concerning my family's donation to the Historical Juggling Props Museum.   If you missed it you can see our contributions here and here.  The web site for the Museum is fun to peruse especially if you're not close enough to visit the actual museum display in person.

         So far there isn't much video available on YouTube of anything Juggling Jacksons related, but below is a brief video of my sister Joy and I a few years ago goofing off in her kitchen with an enthusiastic audience cheering us on.  Hopefully one day I'll get some other video transferred and up on YouTube.

Battle of the Bands Results
(for 12/15/2015)


      If you missed the Battle that goes with these results you can visit here, but the vote has been decided. I wasn't overly surprised by the outcome of this Battle considering how my previous Battle turned out. The readers who vote on my BOTB posts tend to be traditionalists where it comes to music so techno or more extreme forms of rock or other genres usually don't go over that well. It's gone that way in this contest as well.

     The version of "Trouble of the World" as performed by Rose Stone and the Abbot Kinney Lighthouse Choir is a rousing rendition that I can't resist liking. This interpretation of the song reflects a joyousness that one might expect on leaving this world into the security of God's heavenly realm. Right from the opening electric guitar riff to the vocal interplay, this song is filled with so much energy. My favorite part of this recording is the steady solid drumbeat. My head gets to bobbin', my toes a-tappin', and I just want to get up on my feets and praise the lord all over the house. This is musical dynamite.

     On the other hand, Mahom is tough for many listeners to get into. For my part I didn't even finish listening during my first sampling of the song. I quickly decided to use another version and believe me, I found many great versions. However, I returned to the Mahom version to give it a fair chance. Noting the points of comparison and contrast between the Rose Stone version I began to see an interesting Battle in the works.

     No one listened to these versions side by side as many times as I did--and I listened to them repeatedly. My opinion of Mahom began changing as I listened more. The performance version from The Ladykillers is no doubt outstanding, but in the end the version I keep hearing in my head now--the one that sticks with me most--is the version by Mahom. Sure it's computer driven music, but I find the sound to be innovative as well as clever. The vocals are very pleasant to my ears. Taking all things into account my favorite version is now Mahom though I certainly cannot dispute anyone's vote for Rose Stone.

     Two great renditions, but my vote goes to Mahom.

Final Vote Talley

Rose Stone    26 votes

Mahom           8 votes

         Have a Very Merry Christmas and be sure to join me here for my next Battle which will open on New Year's Day with a very appropriate song for the season.


  1. First to comment, oh my thanks to living on the east coast and being up early.
    You and your sister don't appear to have lost your touch for juggling. Is it like riding a bike? Take care.

  2. That juggling video is AWESOME Lee!!!! Wow!!!!!! That must've taken so much practice for you two to be able to do that!

  3. That was cool how you two traded off!
    I voted for the winner. Nice.
    Have an awesome Christmas with your family, Lee.

  4. You and Joy put on a nifty juggling exhibition, Lee. I wish I had that ability.

    I didn't vote for Mahon but I understand the appeal and your rationale.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, good buddy Lee!

  5. Wow, even for "in the kitchen" that was both amazing and fascinating.

  6. Merry Christmas, Lee. You and your sister are amazing and that was just a 'having fun' show.

  7. Wow, that juggling was really something! I love how you guys cut in on each other without missing a beat. Fabulous!
    Interesting how Mahom grew on you. I just couldn't get into it...
    Definitely post more juggling videos!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  8. That'd be a cool museum to visit. Love museums.

    Thanks for the blitz, and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. What great fun you had as a young man. Loved seeing a bit of it in that still and was impressed with the video!

  10. Great post Lee, loved the video,
    Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  11. Thanks for all of the kind words so far and for those to come if I don't get a chance to respond in a timely matter. I'm traveling and visiting for the holidays.

    Have a great Christmas all of you!


  12. Hooray for Rose - what a sweet singer. Lovely battle, Lee.

  13. Loved the juggling act. My dad could juggle really well and I've always tried to learn, but my hands are too clumsy. I keep dropping the chainsaws.
    Seriously though, I have tried to learn a few times. I really am that clutzy.

  14. Oh! I'd missed the post about the juggling museum. Fascinating stuff -- and such a fun video!

  15. Juggling is cool. I wish I knew how to! I didn't pick the winner this time around, but that's ok. I stand by my vote :)

  16. BOIDMAN ~
    I've been working so many hours that I only just now got around to this blog bit and watching the video.

    Great juggling Jacksons! That was super-cool, man! I watched it, like, four times in a row. Fun stuffs, Brother! You and your Sister still got it. I would love to see more if you ever upload any more videos like that to YouTube.

    Hey! To you and your family I wish a "Merry-Israelite-Baby-Born-In-A-Manger" Day! (Trying my damnedest to be as P.C. as I can be.)

    I hope you're having a joyful, wonderful day. (Be careful with those bowling pins, kid! You'll shoot your eye out:o) And I'll see ya again for the New Year's Day BOTB.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  17. STMcC, thanks for the holiday greeting and wishing you well as well. Having a great time with family, but only spending brief moments on the computer. See you on the First for BOTB--got mine ready to go.



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