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Monday, October 27, 2014

These Girls Know How to Throw a Party!


       For the second year I was invited by Alana Garrigues and Nutschell Anne Windsor to be a guest at the Children's Book Writers of Los Angeles (CBW-LA) book release party.   This year's book is Story Sprouts: Voice.  It's a compilation of the works of 25 different writers with an abundance of helpful information about the art of writing.  

       Once again the ladies at the CBW-LA showed that they are not only fine writers, but outstanding event planners.    I didn't do a head count, but by my estimation there were probably about sixty folks who attended this event and a good time was had by all.   

        There was a lovely buffet table of excellent food and a lot of prizes that were given away in a drawing near the end of the party.  There were gifts for all.   Each of the authors present gave a reading of a brief excerpt of one of their works selected from the volume.  Then the epic book signing where book after book was passed around the tables to be signed by the authors.   What a book signing that was!

        But let me dispense with words to show you some pictures of this grand book release bash:

I received a warm welcome from CBW-LA board members
at the registration desk

Long view of the room looking toward the authors seated
at the front.

Anyone want a book!  (r to l) Nutschell Anne Windsor, Lucy Ravitch,
and Alana Garrigues conduct the program prior to the signings.

Each book at the party was signed by all of the authors present on that day.  I
have my signed copy and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

The mood at the authors table was jubilant and under the
circumstances one would expect it to be!

Part of the assembled audience (myself included) enjoying
 the authors presentation.

CBW-LA Board Members pose prior to cutting the celebratory cake.
 Photos are courtesy of John Hong. 

A Collection of Lessons and Exercises on Voice and the Resulting Creative Works of Poetry and Prose by the Children's Book Writers of Los Angeles.
         Show your support of this writer's group by purchasing a copy of this very well-done and highly useful book.    This would be a wonderful addition to any writing library as well as providing entertaining reading for those who would rather read than write.   Don't forget those writers on your Christmas list.  This is one book that they will use and treasure for years to come.


          Story Sprouts: Voice is available at Amazon in both paperback and kindle editions.   After you've bought your copy don't forget to leave a review.   Story Sprouts 2013 edition is also still available.  If you don't have the first edition yet you might want to consider buying both.


       Have you obtained a copy of either Story Sprouts book?   If so what did you think?    Are you part of a writer's organization that has published a book?   If so, tell us about it.


  1. This looks like a very cool event,Lee. And a worthy project.

  2. That's cool you got to go again this year. I have no doubt Nutschell's events are well-planned and executed.

  3. I love events like that. I'm part of the IWSG book coming out in December. It's a lot of work.

  4. Lee,

    Thanks so much for attending our event and writing about it. We appreciate your continued support.

    My kids have been reading the book on their own and love it. The book has three bookmarks in it so we all know where we stopped.

    They are enjoying the stories while my daughter's teacher is using it for class exercises in writing.

  5. What an awesome event and honor! The book is gorgeous, too. :)

  6. Sounds like an awesome, fun experience. I'd love to join a group like that someday. I also love all that purple.

  7. Shirts, posters, balloons, and matching cake - they had it all covered.

  8. Karen W.-- They are doing a good job of actively promoting and encouraging burgeoning writers.

    Alex -- Nutschell & her group have got a system and it works.

    Susan GK-- I can see how much goes into something like this.

    KAT-- Using this book for creative writing teaching makes a lot of sense. The book has a lot of educational value to offer.

    EJ-- It is a great looking book. The formatters did an outstanding job.

    Carrie-Anne-- A group like this can be very supportive as well as fun.

    L.Diane -- It all looked good and the program was wonderful.


  9. That does look and sound like a great event. Loved the Purple theme on the shirts.

  10. Look like it was fun. I love well organized events.

  11. Looks like a great time and you have to love free swag!!

  12. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  13. Looks like a fun event Lee. You certainly look as though you are enjoying yourself.

  14. C.Lee-- Purple definitely predominated.

    Dolorah, JoJo, Yvonne, Jo, Patricia--Yes, it was a grand time!


  15. Looks like a great event. Thanks for the link to the book. I've put both volumes on my Wish list.

  16. Michele- The Story Sprouts books are a great look into the process of writing with samples from different writers how they approach the art and mechanics of writing.


  17. That is a great event and nice of you to showcase it

  18. it looks like it was a fun event and the book sounds pretty good too!

  19. Birgit -- I wish more of my blogging friends could have joined us at the party.

    Doreen -- Both books put out by the CBW-LA have been excellent.



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