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Monday, September 1, 2014

Battle of the Bands: September Song & #IWSG

Welcome to My Combined Post!

          This entry on Tossing It Out is a joint posting that will combine the Insecure Writer's Support Group with the Battle of the Bands.   I do this when the two events coincide or are so close together that I prefer to merge the two for the sake of expediency.

           If you're new to either concept I'll briefly explain:   #IWSG is the event that occurs on the first Wednesday of each month where writers talk about the worries, concerns, and travails of the writing life.  To find out more and access the list of participants, visit the blog of the host Alex J. Cavanaugh.  Keep in mind that the official posting day is on Wednesday.

            BOTB takes place on the 1st and 15th of each month.   In this event different versions of one song are presented and you are invited to vote on the version that you prefer the most.   This event is hosted by Stephen T McCarthy and Far Away Eyes.   After you finish here, visit their blogs to vote on their battles.  Additional possible participants are listed at the end of this post.

September Song

         Initially I chose this wistful classic because I'm presenting it on the first day of September--how fitting.  Then the sad passing of our A to Z Challenge co-host Tina Downey as well as some health issues affecting some of my own family members turned my thoughts to the fragile temporal nature of our lives.

        I keep putting off so many things I want to do and I know that some of you do the same.  Time is a death sentence from which there is no reprieve.  Sometimes we are fortunate to have an extension, but rarely do we know exactly when our time is up.   Laziness and distractions are my enemies now.

       You who are young now I exhort you not to wait until you are older or better opportunities come your way to allow you to capture your dreams.   The time for action is now.  I'm talking to myself, but this is one of those times when I hope others who need the message are listening and taking heed.   My door to the future could close at any time.  It's a cause for some insecurity, but it's also a fact of life that I must accept.

        September Song treats the passing of a year as a lifetime.   The song is metaphorical and typically is most effectively sung by middle-aged or older performers.  Originally the song was written by composer Kurt Weill with lyrics by writer Maxwell Anderson for famed actor Walter Huston to sing in a short-lived 1938 musical Knickerbocker Holiday.   The show closed after a six month run and the song was mostly neglected for the next decade.   If you're curious to hear Huston's original version you can hear it by clicking here.

         In 1950 Huston's recording of the song was used in the soundtrack of the dramatic romance film September Affair.   The popularity of the film put Huston's recording at the top of the Hit Parade charts and the song became established as a classic with many recordings being made over the next six decades.   Walter Huston was an acclaimed actor of stage and screen from 1924 to 1950 and not known for his singing.   He is most known now as the grizzled prospector in the great Humphrey Bogart film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre which was directed by Walter's son John Huston.  Walter Huston died before he could enjoy his fame as a Hit Parade charting artist.

        Many artists have done their own versions of September Song with the recording by Willie Nelson being one of the most notable.   Frank Sinatra also covered the song rather nicely on more than one occasion.   My personal favorite is the rendition by Jimmy Durante.   With so many choices of great versions, it was tough to come up with a particularly unusual "boys against the girls" match-up (oh yeah, I've been carrying on with a male version against female version in my last few battles and I'm continuing in that vein for a while).    I hope you find my pairing interesting as well as entertaining.

Anjelica Huston "September Song" (2012)

         Since Angelica's grandfather Walter first introduced the song in 1938, I thought it might be somewhat poignant to have the girls side represented by her updated version.  Her arrangement is simple and traditional.  This was used in an NBC series called Smash--I'd never heard of this show, but it ran during the 2012-2013 seasons.   Give this one a listen--it's short.

Lou Reed "September Song"  (1985)

       In 1985 a unique tribute album honoring the music of Kurt Weill was compiled by music producer Hal Willner.   Lost in the Stars:  The Music of Kurt Weill is a collection of songs as interpreted by a number of different artists.   I'll probably get around to using a few other cuts from this album in future BOTB installments just because I like the album.

        Lou Reed takes a walk on the wild side with his interpretation of September Song.  It's a bit of a different turn than most artists take.  I hope you'll get a kick out of it.

Time to Vote!

           Which do you prefer?   Do you like the more traditional take by Angelica Huston better?   Or are you a bit more turned on by the more cutting edge version by Lou Reed?   Please take time to vote in the comment section and tell us why you prefer the one you chose.  Then after you've finished here, please visit the other blogs listed below who may or may not be participating this time around.   And if you've put up your own BOTB contest let us know that as well so we can vote on yours.


 StMcC Presents Battle of the Bands





         The results of my Battle will be announced on Monday September 8 at which time I'll also be participating in the Sunflower Tribute for Tina Downey.   More about that tribute can be found here.

           What are your thoughts about getting everything done that you want to accomplish before you leave this Earth?    Have you seen the great John Huston film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre?   To what extent have you followed the career of Lou Reed?



  1. Happy September Lee,
    How true your words are, my husband was still in his 50s when he passed away 16 years ago this month so it is rather fitting you chose September Song.

    I prefer Lou Reed's version .

    Have a nice day,

  2. Don't wait, because "someday" never comes.

    I didn't know Anjelica Huston was a singer. I liked her version. It had a classic feel to it.

  3. I have tons of thoughts on time and growing older, but it would probably be long enough for a blog post (or two). So, I am going to stick with the Battle right here.

    I preferred (surprisingly) the A Huston version. I can't say that she has ever been a favorite of mine. However, the message of this song is just complex enough that it is best delivered in a simple arrangement (at least for my ear and brain).

    I liked the Lou Reed version better than I anticipated. Don't get me wrong... I like Lou Reed just fine (Walk On The Wild Side remains a favorite of mine). He took this song and added his own style and a bit of 80s rhythm to it and really changed it up. His version doesn't feel sad, melancholy, or even poignant to me. Maybe it would given enough listens... I just don't know.

    So, chalk one up for A Huston.

  4. I think I like the original song, but I think it's cool for a grand daughter to sing her grandfather's song.

  5. Cassandra-- The cutting edge sound of Lou for you.

    Karen-- I don't know how I missed Smash. Must not have been publicized much.

    L.Diane-- "Someday" always comes but not always in the ways we planned or hoped.

    Robin-- I think you're right. This song calls for a dramatic reading due to the subject matter and the lyrics. But an argument can be made in favor of Reed's version. I'm not a big fan of Angelica Huston, but then again I'm not that familiar with her.

    Joyce-- I'm going to take that as a vote for Angelica Huston.


  6. First, let me say that the post itself was excellent. Song wasn't bad, either. However, Anjelica and Lou are not among my favorites in any stretch of the word. Those things said...I'll take Anjelica merely for the better voice.

  7. BOIDMAN ~
    The first thing I want to say is that BOTB-related disaster which you have always feared very nearly came to pass today!

    I was originally planning to use 'SEPTEMBER SONG' for today's BOTB. I tried to yak FarAwayEyes into doing a "themed" idea with me today but she chose not to. And with that, I scrapped my plan to use 'SEPTEMBER SONG' (putting it off until 9/15/2014) and went on to Plan B.

    However, I may still decide to use 'SEPTEMBER SONG' on September 15th, because I will use (and WOULD HAVE used, had I done it today,) different performers.

    >>... Which do you prefer? Do you like the more traditional take by Angelica Huston better? Or are you a bit more turned on by the more cutting edge version by Lou Reed?

    Honestly? ...Neither.

    I think 'SEPTEMBER SONG' is a gorgeous Classic and I never would have dreamed that any "professional singer" could foul it up.

    Anjelica Huston sings it the way it SHOULD be sung. The only problem is... she can't sing. (I mean, I can't sing either, but I can still sing better'n her.)

    The Lou Reed version is just a complete, utter, unmitigated disaster. That tempo and that style has NUTTIN' whatever to do with the sentiment of the song! I mean, hell, let's all sing 'Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child' with a real snappy, upbeat Rockabilly rhythm!

    I'm voting for Anjelica Huston, but she wins my vote only by default. Had you put ANY PROFESSIONAL SINGER up against her (other than that "stuffed black leather jacket" also known as Lou Reed), Anjelica would not have gotten my vote.

    Yeah... I think I'm almost CERTAINLY going to use 'SEPTEMBER SONG' for my September 15th BOTB.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. There are so many things I still want to see and do but without money it's impossible. I'm so sick of being poor and struggling. :(

    Also, not a fan of Lou Reed or Velvet Underground at all. I don't care for that dark New York heroin scene in music.

  9. I've always been a Lou Reed fan. It isn't that I don't like Anjelica's version, but Lou makes everything his own.

    I'm so sad about Tina.

  10. Losing someone always brings us to thoughts of our own mortality. How fitting to have September Song here today.

    I'm voting for Angelica.

  11. My vote to Angelica Huston because the wistfulness and the words seem to fit better, when we talk about the time we have on our Life clocks.

    I like Lou Reed, but his version doesn't seem as appropriate. Sorry Lou.

    Interesting matchup, Lee!

  12. CW-- As I may have inferred in my commentary, my Battle choices here were not my favorites either, but I found them to be interesting.

    StMc-- Interesting--I think it's perfectly appropriate for you to go with "September Song" again. In fact on the 15th I have a repeat song planned as well as a commentary on the subject of repeating songs--it's probably inevitable. I didn't care for Angelica's version at all when I first started listening to it, but now it's growing on me. After all, keep in mind the song was purposely kept simple in order for it to be sung by her grandpa Walter. I think it's more of a dramatized song than a sing song. I wonder if William Shatner ever did a version of this?

    JoJo-- I'm taking this as no vote for anyone. Travel and doing things can be expensive for sure. Having money helps open up many opportunities.

    Hart-- Tina's passing is a huge loss for all of us.

    C.Lee-- My choice was almost ironic, but appropriate for the time.

    DG-- Angelica acted out the song and that's the way it's meant to be. Not saying that Lou's acting style was the wrong one though.


  13. I think I prefer the simple Angelica Huston version.

    Yes we should appreciate everyday and not put off those things we want to do.

  14. Well, I couldn't listen to all of the Angelica Huston version, it irritated me that much. Also, I'm not a big fan of Lou Reed, I find everything he sings sounds the same as everything else he sings...but for this song my vote has to go with Lou, only because I didn't turn it off half way through.
    I love this idea Lee! Great concept.

  15. >>... I wonder if William Shatner ever did a version of this?

    Thanks, Lee! That was the best laugh I've had in two weeks.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  16. When we are young, we feel we have all the time in the world and don't pay much attention to family history, tradition or the lives our loved ones lived. As we get older this becomes more profound but we put it aside for work, cooking, taking kids here and there and never think of our mortality. I was a weirdo-I always listened to family history, I love tradition and what my lineage felt was important. I also cherish such simple things as taking a walk because, sometimes, I can't. It takes a death of a dear person especially one who loved life, to bring what is truly important to the foreground. I agree that we need to write things down, don't be offended by such small stuff, enjoy each moment. I love the music you picked and I go for the traditional:) Angelica is not a singer per se but she gave this a wonderful feeling. I watched every episode of Smash and I loved it. She brings soul to this song and it may be because it hits close to home. Lou Reed's version is also wonderful but there is a lack of emotion that is needed. I read about William Shatner "singing" this song....I hope not:)

  17. Hunston's version is much more of a nice classic jazz sound, but Lou Reed definitely has a good Glam Rock sound. Usually, I only like Lou Reed when he singing about getting high on heroin, or transvestites, or just weird stories about boxes, but I'm in a rock sort of mood this afternoon, so he wins.

  18. Suzanne-- We can spend too much time planning for a tomorrow that we never see and miss what is right in front of us.

    Eva-- You know, I couldn't listen all the way through to the Huston version, but then after I did I began to appreciate it more.

    StMc-- Seriously though, it is a dramatic sort of song that can be spoken effectively as poetry. Shatner is camp, but maybe it was mostly bad "song" choices. "Lucy in the Sky"? Really?


  19. Birgit-- As they say, "Youth is wasted on the young." Poor Shatner.

    Samuel-- Lou Reed certainly acquired a schtick in his career. This song seems kind of out of his realm, then again maybe not so much.


  20. I have a similar theme on Wed. Seems death can do that...

  21. I hope to be able to accomplish all of my goals before I head to Heaven. I also hope that I have the opportunity to do so when I am there... ;)


  22. I have to pick Lou, it reminds me that even in badtimes you can be happy. Anj has a very good version as well but Lou makes me happier and I can't not vote for a guy who makes me wiggle my toes to music. Condolences to all friends and family of our dear Tina. Never heard of Lou Reed before but he is quite a talent. Anjelica I know. More by face than name but still. You have a great day Arlee and I want to accomplish things that spread happiness and joy.

  23. Even though I didn't know her, I was very sorry to hear about Tina.

    Angelica looks lovely in the video. Why does Lou Reed's voice sound so familiar to me? Was he in the School House Rock cartoons?! :D

    (My vote's with Angie.)

  24. Andrew-- Yeah, and getting older too. I think about temporality now more than I used to when I was young.

    Elizabeth -- What books may come?

    Sheena-Kay-- Happiness and joy are lofty yet worthwhile ambitions. Lou Reed has been on the music scene since the 1960's though I guess he doesn't seem especially mainstream.

    Suze-- Lou Reed in Schoolhouse Rock cartoons? Kind of hard to imagine, but stranger things have happened.


  25. I didn't know Anjelica Huston was a singer. I liked her version. It was very nice.

  26. The videos were well-done. I liked seeing Anjelica Huston with her father, grandfather, and husband, and I liked the pictures of Lou Reed interspersed with Kurt Weill.

    I was surprised that Anjelica Huston was such a good singer. Her version was the more traditional, almost a version you'd hear in a cabaret.

    While I didn't like Lou Reed's as much, it was interesting and he definitely put his mark on the song, and in its own right it was enjoyable.

    Nevertheless, Anjelica's version gets my vote.

    John Holton
    The Sound Of One Hand Typing

  27. Wow, this is a tough choice. Love the piano and Angelica's smooth, rich tones. Just so beautiful.

    Loved the music of Lou, and this is definitely a song for a male voice. I would have loved to hear it by Jimmy Durante. I think he had the perfect lilt in his voice for this.

    I will go with Angelica for this, but it is very close call.

    I combined for IWSG also. And, you are never too old to make something exciting happen in your life. Take a chance and enjoy the trip.

  28. becca-- I guess she's an all around versatile entertainer.

    John-- I enjoy the photo montage videos as well.

    Donna-- Check out the version by Durante. He really makes it touching though he's a rough shod vocalist.


  29. difficult, both so different in portrayal ... and who knew Anjelica Huston could sing so sweetly. Loved the montage.
    Lou Reed gets my vote - it's bright and cheerful. Also, Spring is sprung here in South Africa so that may be part of the reason ..

  30. Last week was certainly a mortality reality check.
    Never a Lou Reed fan, so I'll go with Huston's version.

  31. Powerful thoughts, Lee. Great post.

    As for the BOTB -- I like Anjelica Huston as an actress. She has a tremendous range and leans towards quirky roles. But it's kind of hard picturing Morticia Addams singing this song. the arrangement is classic and traditional, and features the vocals, but that's a problem when her singing voice can't quite carry the song.

    Lou Reed is no great singer, either, but at least -- like Neil Young -- he knows it and doesn't try to sing in a "traditional" way. Here, his quirky vocals kind of work with the changed arrangement, and while the tempo might be a little too up-beat for the meaning of the song, I find myself liking it.

    So I'll go watch an Anjelica Huston movie over a Lou Reed one, but I'll vote for the Lou Reed version of the song over hers.

  32. Oh, I like that song. Cool, Arlee.

  33. Susan Scott-- With your spring state of mind you're probably trying to keep your music in the same vein.

    Alex-- People die everyday but it doesn't have the same impact as losing someone close.

    Chris -- Lou is someone I'd listen to not so much for singing skills, but for the way we expresses what he is singing. You might give Anjelica another couple listens before you give up on her singing. My first impression of her version was not a good one.

    Le0 -- It is a great song.


  34. Lee-

    I'm going with Lou Reed because I am more familiar with that version. I know that's not a good reason, but it just resonated more.

    And you probably want to check out the track list and participating artists on Lost In The Stars to see if you can deduce why I own a copy....


  35. On aging and dying - I watched my parents (who were older than most of my friends grandparents) work hard and save everything for retirement. Six months before my Daddy retired my mother got really sick. She suffered and lingered for five years. They never enjoyed one day of that anticipated retirement. Since, that time I've taken every day as a new adventure. Moved where I wanted to and made a life in some pretty extraordinary places. I don't have the security today that most of friends and relatives do and most of them think I'm crazy, but I do believe that you need to look at every day as though it could be your last (being a cancer survivor truly supports that attitude). I admit that I didn't know Tina very well, but did have a few brief interactions with her. From what I saw, and what so many other bloggers have said about her, that is one soul that I wouldn't worry one little bit about. I'm sure her family will miss her forever (I know I miss my parents), but she's simply onto the next adventure and probably enjoying it more that any of us could ever imagine.

    Now about your BOTB. Do you want to talk 'music police' or what? I first listened to your selections early yesterday morning and wondered;'ARE YOU KIDDING ME?' This is a beautiful song, and while I usually like Lou Reed, he really did a butcher job on this one IMO, and Anjelica Huston, I mean, I get what your are going for with the generational thing and all, but still just cause you're related to some big important people doesn't mean you can sing, or act for that matter.

    Carp, I'm not sure who to even vote for. Maybe Neil Young!

    OK, give my vote to Anjelica. At least her version is true to the original intent here. Why in the world didn't you just use the Durante version, I actually like that one.

  36. It's a long time since I heard this song, Lee, and I can certainly identify with what you write about the passing of the years and the things we put off doing.
    I like the traditional version done by Angelica - both because of the family connection and its sensitivity to the original.
    I also like Lou Reed's version because of the music, although when I listened at first I didn't think I would.
    But, being in the second half of my sixties, my vote has to go with Angelica.

  37. Larry-- I didn't realize you were such a Van Dyke Parks fan. Oh, not him? Tom Waits? Oh no wait, there's Todd--would I even need to look at the line-up to know you?

    FAE-- I got a lot out of my system when I was younger like you did. I've had a great life. I guess I'll figure a way to keep going.
    Since I was doing a boys against girl contest and I really wanted the strange take by Reed, Durante was out of the question. I couldn't resist the generational aspect of Anjelica. I disliked her version at first but now it's really growing on me. You should listen again a few more times.

    Wangi-- I've liked Reed's version since I first bought the album back in the 80's. He put an interesting twist on the song.


  38. I liked Anjelica Houston's version better. It is a beautifully melancholy song for a melancholy month.
    Elizabeth Hein - Scribbling in the Storage Room

  39. I'm liking this idea of the BOTB.
    Thanks for sharing. It's hard to choose.

  40. I like both for different reasons. I adore AH and didn't know she sang! I like her version because it speaks to the heart, evokes emotion, for me anyway. LR's is good because I like his voice and the music he uses in it. Which one do I like best? I guess, AH's because of the emotion it evokes for me.

  41. Elizabeth-- Is September always a melancholy month for you? In the metaphorical context of this song I think it is.

    Collette-- It is hard to choose sometimes.

    Lisa-- The song is an emotional one so your reasoning makes sense.


  42. I've seen The Treasure of Sierra Madrea several times. One of the best!

  43. I don't remember if I saw that particular Bogart film (I've seen a few and those I liked, not African Queen or Casablanca).

    Not a big fan of Lou Reed as I'm not overly thrilled with talk/singing he and other artists do.

    Father Nature's Corner

  44. I'm thrilled September is here....but I'm not looking forward to winter. I like the mild months of fall and spring. So, I'm more than ready to see the heat & humidity to take a hike.

    Yes, I saw The Treasures of the Sierra Madra, but it's been a long time ago and I can't remember a lot about it. I do enjoy the old Bogie movies, though.

    September Song is perfect. It was interesting to listen to both artists. I know Lou Reed by name and have heard some of his music over the years, so I am not a real fan, but I do like some of his songs. This being said, I found Reed's version didn't move me like the more traditional rendition of September Song. I guess you can figure where this is going. While Anjelica did the song closer to the customary style, I think I prefer a male voice over a female's, but since Huston attempted to keep her tune to close to the original then I'm going to have to give my vote to Huston.

  45. Laziness and distraction - I'm fighting those two right now! :)

  46. Cathrina-- I think I'm due to watch it again. Great film!

    GB-- It depends on the talk/singer, but it's not my favorite thing either.

    Cathy -- For the most part I prefer listening to a male voice singing as well. There are great female singers for sure, but if I were to list my favorite singers there would probably be a predominance of male voices.

    Southpaw-- It's been a lifetime battle for me.


  47. It doesn't matter your age. You never know when your time will be up. My husband passed away when he was 36. So much still left to do. He will never see his kids grow up. Always live like there's no tomorrow, because there may well not be one.
    My vote goes to Anjelica Huston. Her version is poignant and sentimental which is what I feel the tone should be. I've never been a Lou Reed fan.
    However, I am a Humphrey Bogart fan and liked The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

  48. Though Angelica Huston isn't a singer, I still enjoyed her melancholy version better. It also helped in knowing that it was a family affair. Lou Reed's Walk On The Wild Side is a classic. Hope your family is doing better.


  49. Lori-- So far I'm fortunate enough to have seen all of my kids grow into adulthood and greet 4 grandchildren so far. I hope I have a number of years left.

    Julie-- My family is doing well. I enjoyed the Huston family connections. Never knew the history of that song until I started researching it.


  50. I have never heard this song before! I liked Lou Reed's version.

  51. I vote for Angela.

    It is the way of all of us that we think we have forever when we are young. And the way of the young that they look at us askance when we assure them time is limited. It happened just this week with my daughter, when I mentioned that (God willing) she would be like me some day, and she mocked "Oh, the horror" and left the room. I get it. When I was 21, 30 sounded ancient, and now it sounds like a baby. I understand her take on it! Just wish, as most mature folks do I am sure, that those younger then us could know what it is they don't know.

  52. Hi Lee -

    Seahawkboyganboy VI, here.

    Because of your post, I have now listened to appx. 16 versions of this song on YouTube. The two you selected are amongst the worst, I'm afraid. (FYI - Ezio Pinza's is the best.)

    At least I am now prepared to vote immediately in McCarthy's next BoTB post. No need to listen to more, as I have heard them.

    Having read all the previous comments here, I must agree 110% (since it is now NFL football season) with Stephen McCarthy. Huston cannot sing, but at least she captures the general spirit required. Reed is either very good (rare) or horrible (more frequent). In this case, he stinks it up royally.

    A vote by default for Huston.

  53. Loving your songs of choice, and the September Song couldn't be more perfect. Love it that you joined us. Hope you can do it again next week! Have a great day!

  54. I loved the show SMASH! I'm sad it wasn't picked up for another season. My vote goes to Anjelica Huston. :)

    Your post was very heart felt. I definitely wish I can do all the things I want to do before I leave this earth, but we don't have control over that. No matter how much we do, or what age we go, there will always be things left undone. I just hope I'll get the chance to get most done, or at least the most important things.

  55. Annalisa -- There are so many recordings of this song that I'm surprised you've never heard it before.

    Liza-- We live and learn and sometimes we never learn soon enough.

    Sheboygan--I wasn't looking for the "best" versions of this song, but some that were different and unexpected. I had gone into this knowing already that I was going to use Reed's version from that great Lost in the Stars album. Looking for the female counterpart to fit my "boys vs girls" theme, I couldn't resist the Huston family legacy for this song. Anjelica doesn't "sing" so much as dramatize the song and I think that's the way the best versions have been done. I still stand by Durante's great version.

    Marie-- A very appropriate song for the season.

    Chrys-- I need to do some better life planning, but then again I guess I could spend my life planning and not get anything done. Might as well enjoy as much as I can.


  56. Huston's version is better, especially for the subject matter.
    I was psyched when I heard the more upbeat background of the second version, until he started "singing".

  57. Hi Lee,
    What a thoughtful and inspiring post. I didn't know Tina very well, but I did have the honor of meeting her through your A to Z challenge and I feel blessed for that. I second your compelling words to the younger crowd. Don't wait. Take action now.

    I can think of no truer words than what you have shared, "Time is a death sentence from which there is no reprieve. Sometimes we are fortunate to have an extension, but rarely do we know exactly when our time is up. Laziness and distractions are my enemies now."

    I have copied and pasted your words into a special Scrivener folder, because I never want to forget them.

    I love you song choice and while I'm fond of just about every version of September Song, I have to say the early ones have stuck with me more.

  58. Jennifer -- I would not be one to call Lou Reed a "singer".

    Melissa-- I've heard so many people lament the time they've lost or squandered in life. I'd hate to be one of them.


  59. I kind of liked Lou Reed's better, but I liked them both. I didn't know Huston sang.

    I was never so aware of how short time was and how suddenly something could be taken away as I've become since my dad's diagnosis. And I've lost many people, even cared for several as they were dying. I want so badly to find some manner of writing success before my dad dies.


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