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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Prelude to a Postlude

       A few months back while exploring my vinyl collection I rediscovered an album by an obscure group named Thorinshield.  It's an album I used to enjoy listening to but then forgot until my rediscovery.  One song in particular has been haunting me.  I used it as part of my April A to Z series on my memoir blog Wrote By Rote.  I include it here:

          Coming Friday August 1st!!

         I think "Prelude to a Postlude" is a lovely song, but my song pick for the next Battle of the Bands post is one that I think is absolutely beautiful--or perhaps the word is heavenly.   The song fits in the category of jazz, but I don't necessarily think of it as a particularly jazzy tune.  Be here on Friday to take a listen and vote on your favorite of the two versions I have to offer in this next contest.

          What songs have you rediscovered years after first having heard them?   Do you enjoy melancholy songs?   I haven't offered many clues on my upcoming song picks, but would you want to venture a guess based on the information I've given?


  1. Sounds like you're going back before my time, so no guess.
    Every now and then I pull up an album in my iTunes that I haven't listened to in ages and rediscover some older songs I really enjoy.

  2. Sometimes I'll watch you tube videos of the old punk rock bands I listened to exclusively in high school. Like the Boomtown Rats. Great stuff.

  3. No guesses from me on your choice. Jazz is one of the few types of music I'm extremely picky about.

    I sometimes listen to sad songs. It really depends on my mood (or the scene I'm trying to set when writing).

  4. I really avoid melancholy songs even though some are beautiful. I prefer everything upbeat.

  5. "Calling Occupants..." by Klaatu. I have been meaning to listen to that album for a long time now. I recently listened to "Friends of Mr. Cairo" by Jon & Vangelis. I have to listen to your piece later as I am at work(shhhh). I am unsure what you may pick but I wonder if the original song is from the 1920's or 30's?? I love "The Moody Blues" as well-LOVE them!!! "For My Lady is one of my favourites. melancholy songs are so beautiful and haunting so it will be fun to find out on Friday what you pick:)

  6. The most melancholic I get in my music tastes is Rufus Wainwright singing Hallelujah. It's beautiful, but I can't listen to much more.

  7. Interesting song, Lee. Forlorn melody. Great to hear you're still into vinyl, my friend.

  8. Mostly children's songs from my youth.

    A few years ago, I was able to acquire a few remastered cd's: "Really Rosie" and "Free To Be You And Me", and thus, whenever I feel the need to take a short break from reality at work, I pop those into my c.d. player.

    I don't really listen to sad songs per say, but there are a few that do bring up memories of what used to be and never can be, mostly early country pop (i.e. John Denver) or 60's folk (i.e. The Seekers).

    Father Nature's Corner

  9. Alex-- The music on the web provides many opportunities for rediscoveries as well as making new discoveries.

    JoJo-- I can totally get lost exploring YouTube videos.

    Jennifer -- Like you my mood often leads me to listen to particular types of music.

    Susan GK-- I guess I need something to bring me to a more even calm sentiment at times.

    Birgit-- I'm a long time Moody Blues fan from the first time I heard the song "Go Now". They moved on to many other things from there and it was for the better.

    Loni-- I've heard that version and it's good, but I've gotten kind of tired hearing that song because it's been overdone to a certain extent.

    Leopard-- Wish I had better equipment on which to play my vinyl. I've gotten rid of most of my collection.

    G.B.-- ...memories of what used to be and never can be... says it well.


  10. Hi, Arlee. That's an interesting song. No idea on the upcoming Battle of the Bands choice. Will have to wait until Friday to find out.

  11. Look at you promoting BOTB. ::chuckling::

  12. Susanne & Jo--Not many clues that really give any good hints are there.

    Robin-- Since I'm trying to just post one day a week during summer a promotion seemed appropriate.


  13. Hey Lee,

    I reckon you are going to put up a whole bunch of Bubblegum pop. No?

    I noted the legendary Canadian band, Klaatu, mentioned They did some amazing stuff and had a publicity stunt about them being the Beatles.

    I have been listening to another of favourite Canadian bands, "Chilliwack". Not one song in particular.

    A good day to you and sadly, on August 1, my internet connection will be down in preparation for my upcoming move.



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