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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#IWSG: Mad About Movies

         Time for another meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group conducted by founder Alex J. Cavanaugh.   This is the time when writers everywhere can bitch and moan about life or do happy dances depending on what kind of spirits they're in.   And if your problem is being in the spirits too much then you're looking for the 12 Step group down the hall--please leave immediately so you don't drag us down into the depths of despair any more than we are now.

My Insecurity for Today

        For the past few posts I've been researching the topic of preferences and why we like what we like.  Last Friday I suggested that Flannery O'Connor's "Revelation" is the best short story ever written.   After that I posted my Battle of the Bands post with a discussion about what makes music good.  If you have not visited that post and voted I hope you will--I'd love to get your feedback.

         Both those posts stirred some interesting discussion and maybe bordered on ticking a few readers off.  After all I gave my warnings that I might be saying some outrageous things.   This post will be no exception.

         Today I'm going to go even further.  I'm a little concerned that I might irritate some readers in such a way that they might want to avoid me in the future.  Trust me--I'm doing this in the name of science or something like that.  Please don't get too mad at me.   So here I go...

Crappy Movies

         One of the worst movies of recent years is 2012's The Avengers.  The movie concept held promise and most people seemed to love it.   Why, why, why?   That was one of the dumbest movies I've seen.  I mean really now--a wormhole opens up to let some angry bunch of aliens through to attack Earth.  I like wormholes almost as much as Stephen Tremp, but this was a bit much.

         Then there was that stupid cast of superheroes.  Thor is a freaking idiot so I'm not even going to go there let alone go to Asgard.  I do kind of like Captain America and Iron Man, but why do these movies have to go so over the top with things.  The Hulk was one of my favorites when I was young, but now he's bigger, badder, stronger, and more annoying than ever.

         Part of the problem is the filmmakers are drunk on CGI.   I'm starting to get so sick of computer generated imagery.  I used to think it was really cool--and it is--but then the effects departments started going overboard with it.   Now one movie has to top everything that came before with bigger more elaborate computerized effects.  Pretty soon we won't need actors, which actually could be a good thing, but that's the subject of a future post in some far-off galaxy.

          Think about it.  How stupid was it to see the Hulk flying through the air almost like he was Superman?  Those scenes were so phony that they were laughable.  I know this is comic book stuff but I don't think it was intended to be outright comedy.   The Avengers was less of a movie than it was an overly long computer simulated amusement park ride.   Fifteen minutes of that crap would have been enough for me.

         I've lost interest in superhero movies and haven't seen any of the latest ones.  Let's face it--they've all gotten very similar.   Mega budgets with storylines to match--if you can call them storylines.  I've been going back to the simpler films and enjoying them much more.

Better Movies

         Give me more sedate thoughtful movies where actors act and screenwriters write stories with decent dialogue and thought-provoking plots.   I don't need no stinkin' CGI.  Well maybe small doses sometimes, but not the whole movie.  Let my car chases be done with real cars on real streets and have stuntmen doing more realistic stunts than flying through the air like Superman.

          Better movies that I enjoyed more than any of the recent CGI extravaganzas?   Nebraska was nice.  It was about an old man going somewhere and it was so quiet that you could have slept to it.  But the story kept me awake and it had kind of a nice message that was more down to earth than false gods on imaginary Asgard.

           A series that has its flaws but stimulated my thinking was Atlas Shrugged Parts 1 and 2.  Part 3 is supposed be in the theaters in September.  I'm not thrilled by breaking the film up like that, but I like the idea of mixing entertainment with a thoughtful message.   The film had CGI, but the effects did not drive the film, the story did.

          There are plenty of other decent films but I'll let you add your own choices in the comments.

Best Films

           I don't think any films of the past several years can be ranked among the best ever made.   So what are the best films ever?  There are so many, but I'll name a few.  I can't imagine that anyone would disagree with me, but you can try.

1.   Fellini's Roma
2.   Fellini's 8 1/2
3.  Fellini's Ginger and Fred
4   Just about any movie by Federico Fellini
5.  Citizen Kane
6.  Singin' in the Rain
7.  Wizard of Oz
8.   Kiss Me Deadly
9.    Apocalypse Now
10.  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

         All better than The Avengers.

         I doubt whether I'll have any disagreement on this so I'll ask why you think my choices are among the best films ever made?   If in the unlikely case that you disagree with me then what do you think are some of the best films ever made?   If you happened to actually have liked The Avengers please tell us why.  

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  1. While I loved Citizen Kane and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, I really struggled with Apocalypse Now and I wasn't a huge fan of Fellini's La Dolce Vita.

    Off the top of my head, my favourites would include:
    - Citizen Kane
    - Casablanca
    - The Usual Suspects
    - Amelie
    - The Crucible
    - Shawshank Redemption

    Incidentally in Empire Magazine's 301 Greatest Movies of All Time (their newest list), The Avengers came a hugely overrated 16th. SIXTEENTH! Absolutely ludicrous. Have no fear - I have a post scheduled about atrocity this next week.

    Empire's 5-star 500

  2. Oh Lee. I thought I liked you. haha.
    I LOVED The Avengers. CGI can get to be too much, but they did it perfectly.

    But, I loved Nebraska, too. I'm looking forward to seeing Fault of our Stars. Great writing and I believe nothing get's blown up.
    Sideways is one of my favorites, too. Just a great emotionally charged story and no robots.

    But, I like my robots, too. haha.

  3. Of course I will disagree - Avengers was the best superhero film ever made and one of the best films every made. It hit every note perfectly.
    You like to stir things up, don't you?

  4. I have only seen one of the films you mention. Give me a book any day! Sue’s Trifles

  5. Sorry, you're all wrong. The best film ever made in the history of mankind is To Kill a Mockingbird. It's also the best book ever written.

    I'm not really a movie buff but I seem to despise movies that people think are hilarious. I just don't care for sophomoric, bathroom humour. That's why I loathe Space Balls and just about anything by Mel Brooks, BioDome, Austin Powers, Scary Movie, etc. I don't care for the National Lampoon Vacation franchise either. And don't get me started on the garbage that is on SyFy.

  6. The Avengers is fine because there were a lot of funny statements included. Making me laugh is one of those factors for me to like a film, especially if I needed a pick-me-upper, and that time when I watched it, I needed something to cheer me up so I wouldn't have to focus on what was making me physically ill at that time. :-)

    IWSG #213

  7. Okay, I did like the Avengers, though not as much as some people, but I totally agree with you on your list of better movies. The Avengers is like popcorn or candy, while 'good' movies like Apocolypse Now are a feast.

  8. Ed -- You are a man with good taste in film despite your struggle with Apocalypse Now. I recently watched La Dolce Vita and will say I was disappointed, but it was interesting seen from the standpoint of when it was made.

    Sydney -- Sideways was great fun. I like those kinds of films.

    Alex -- Now you're being silly. You don't really believe that--"best superhero movie ever made"? No way. Most of the Batman films outdo The Avengers.

    Sue -- Now I'm wondering which film it was that you saw. I'm guessing Singin' in the Rain or Wizard of Oz.

    JoJo-- To Kill a Mockingbird is indeed a great film. Sadly I haven't read the book. I used to love sci-fi, but not so much in recent years. I'll take the corny sci-fi B movies from the 50's any day.

    Sittie-- There were some good lines in The Avengers and I laughed out loud at the schwarma gag in the credits. The problem for me was probably that the film had too much hype and I was sick of the film before I even saw it. If I had seen the movie without having heard about it beforehand I would probably have had a much different reaction to it. Although the leaping Hulk still was pretty dumb.


  9. I will say I agree with Alex, Sydney et al when it comes to The Avengers in that it wasn't terrible. However, its certainly not the 16th greatest film as Empire readers suggested.

    I do agree with Lee though that there are better comic book films - as he rightly points out Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. The Dark Knight is one of the greatest films ever made, and the other two in the trilogy and both worth watching too.

    Empire's 5-star 500

    P.S. JoJo's suggestion of To Kill a Mockingbird is also a good shout for a top 10.

  10. I agree that The Avengers was waaay overhyped. The special effects were cool, a bunch of superheroes from various comics working together was entertaining, but it wasn't a great film. It was a fun summer blockbuster, which is exactly what it was supposed to be.

    The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies. Actually many of my favorite films are based on wonderful novels: Sense and Sensibility, Chocolat, Little Women, Gone with the Wind, Forrest Gump, The Princess Bride.

    Books are the best!! There wouldn't be many good films without books to come before them! :)

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  11. Ah, the days of the good stories or the stories that provoked thought. But why create those when you can blow up something and make people jump in their theater seats?

    I saw Christmas Carol, that most recent version, and I was caught up in watching the ghosts do so many fantastic stunts that I forgot the story.

  12. I liked the Avengers. It is one of the best superhero films out there. As for THE best film? That's hard to say, as every film has people who dislike it. I'm sure many would say Gone With the Wind or something, but that one really doesn't do it for me.

  13. I like CGI. I like special effects. But everyone loves them so much in the industry the story, the acting, gets lost. We need balance man.

  14. I enjoyed the AVENGERS, but I'm a Marvel fan from way back. I expected complete escapism, and that's what I got. I can see how it might be "dumb" to some people, but I got a big kick out of it, and a lot of laughs. I'm also enjoying the series AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D., and I love how it's tying in with CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 and also some of the other films. It's mythology, in a way. It's over-the-top, sure, but so were the exploits of Hercules.

    To each his own.

  15. Ed-- I am of course using some hyperbole in my assessment of the film. There were many commendable qualities, but it was too much like a ride and not enough of a good story with characters I cared about.

    Laura -- A good film based on a good book? Now that's a novel concept.

    C.Lee -- Good example. Now when they remake a film they add a bunch of stuff to it just to showcase the special fx. Some films need to be toned down a bit.

    L.Diane -- I liked GWTW better than The Avengers but it's not what I'd call a best film. Certainly a favorite of many though.

    Southpaw -- So true! I love the CGI and special effects but not to be assaulted with them. Mix them into the story as needed and don't try to squeeze a bit of story into a riot of FX.


  16. I liked The Avengers, but I certainly wouldn't put it on any "best movies" list. It was just entertaining. It didn't move me, didn't make me think. I think it takes a lot for me to actually dislike a movie, but it takes a lot for me to love one, too.

  17. I think you're the first person I've met that hasn't liked the Avengers. Oh well. I'm not going to rag of you for it. I do agree with what you say about CGI. When watching special features of movies and they talk about actually doing things they could CGI I like the movie even better. Not sure why. Maybe because it makes the scene more real because it was actually done.

  18. I, too, disagree with you re: Avengers. I like the interplay between the characters. At the end of the movie, the super heroes are sitting in a semi crashed hamburger joint. Thor is wolfing down his burgers, while the others look exhausted.

    Will add to your list:
    The Searchers, True Grit, Galaxy Quest, Stella w/Barbara Stanwyk,
    Bus stop, and a host of oldies.

  19. I haven't seen the Avengers...

    I like a lot of different kinds of movies. Some of my favorites have no special effects whatsoever, just good dialogue. Lost in Translation. A Love Song For Bobby Long. The American President.
    I love silly movies, like Princess Bride and When Harry Met Sally.
    I do love me a good sci-fi though, and the new JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot fits the bill nicely. Of course, I could watch Independence Day over and over again and do...
    I think what makes a movie "good" is very subjective depending on the likes and dislikes of the person doing the evaluating. Certainly I agree with many of the classics you listed.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    On the Open Road! @ Join us for the 4th Annual Post-Challenge Road Trip!

  20. Kelly -- I'm not big on mythology either.

    Sarah- I certainly didn't hate The Avengers either, but it was a huge letdown for me after hearing all the hype surrounding it.

    Patricia -- Google something like "Avengers worst movie" and you'll find others with stronger opinions than mine. I too like the special features that reveal the magic secrets, but those scenes with the Hulk jumping were very stupid looking.

    Susan Kane-- The Searchers is a good one. You don't really disagree with me about The Avengers--you're just being contentious.

    Tina -- The subjectivity of what comprises a "favorite" is the topic of my series. I've been trying to get a rise from readers by making outrageous statements. It's been working so far.


  21. Ha, ha, ha! OK, I'm on to you and know what you're trying to do here, but whether this is another 'stir the pot' post or not, I actually agree with you. I didn't waste the money to see 'The Avengers' or any other super hero carp. I liked 'Nebraska', 'Philomena', and if you must have an element of Sci-Fibsee 'About Time, a sweet little story with time travel as a sub-plot, Presented in a realistic way.

    I LOVE you line 'filmakers are drunk on CGI'. I agree wholeheartedly, it's time they sober up.

  22. Lee,

    One day you will stir things up as good as I do. Still, you are getting better at it. I'm very proud of you.

    I loved The Avengers. Ah yes, John Steed, Emma Peel. Brilliant stuff.

    Thank you for a long posting which I skimmed through. And thank you for being part of "I Was Seeking Gary."


  23. Off your film list, I've only seen Citizen Kane (which I felt was too long and boring) and The Wizard of Oz. Some years back, I saw The Wizard of Oz on TCM for the first time in many years, and was delighted to discover it held up really well, not only over all those decades but also for an adult viewing experience as opposed to only being fun for a child.

    I'd have to add some silents to a list of best films ever, with prime candidates such as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the 1925 Ben-Hur, The Crowd, and The Big Parade.

  24. We're not big movie watchers over here-the only one I've seen on your list is Wizard of Oz, when I was a kid :) I agree with you-CGI is getting ridiculous. I haven't even seen the Avengers and have no desire to.

    Hmmm-I can't even think of a top 10 favorite movie list-maybe The Goonies, The Princess Bride, the original three Star Wars movies and then I did really love Gladiator (but mostly because of Russell Crowe, because he's just awesome). That's 6 movies and I'm out of ideas, lol.

    Great post today :)

  25. I can agree with two of yours but not so much the others. I like action and adventure in my movies, not drama. I watch movies for pure mindless entertainment. Who would trust any emotions inspired by the idiots making movies in Hollywood? I enjoy the CGI and enjoyed Avengers. Why those big fights always take place in major cities is probably my least favorite part of recent hero movies.

  26. FAE -- Philomena and About Time are on my Netflix list. I was intentionally being a bit provocative, but there is some truth in what I stated here as well. I want story and not dazzle, though some dazzle can be fun at times.

    Gary -- Yes, I have been paying attention to your tactics. The only thing I've yet to do is let my dog post, but seeing as how I don't have a dog I'm at a disadvantage in that respect. And the original Steed and Peel Avengers had more acting, story, and class.

    Carrie-Anne ---There were some great silents. I'd also include Chaplin films, Sunrise, and Intolerance. It is long, but I think Citizen Kane still holds up well and I still love that ending which I'm sure inspired Spielberg in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    Finley -- I also like Russell Crowe and am obligated to watch all his films since my wife is in love with him. Gladiator was an excellent film where CGI was tastefully incorporated.

    Susan GK -- The big fights in the cities allow for more destruction hence more CGI. Nothing better than seeing big buildings being destroyed and all sorts of traffic calamities.


  27. Hi, Lee! Well, I have been thinking if people will get sick of CGI and if so, when. Just as everyone is sick of vampires and paranormal (or should be). I doubt movies will ever go back to the time when there was NO CGI and I say the same of book covers. Will readers, publishers, authors, ever tire of CG book covers? It is nice to see the humanity in things we create, right? :P

  28. I'm not into CGI either. A little is great, too much is just a bore. But I'm not a sci-fi or fantasy fan though. The Wizard of Oz is about as much fantasy as I want. It, by the way, was indeed a most spectacular movie. I prefer psychological thrillers, political thrillers, murder mysteries and war movies.
    And I did absolutely love Nebraska! It was bittersweet: it was hilarious in some parts and downright heartbreaking in others. I was so happy to see it get some Oscar nods! Well-deserved.

  29. Elizabeth -- Everything computer is here to stay as long as civilization as we know it exists. But it's nice to stay grounded in reality sometimes.

    Angel-- I can only take so much fantasy for a dose of escapism. Mostly I want real stories about real people. I want to escape be be able to have some identity with the escape zone.


  30. Good morning! I haven't seen The Avengers - mixed reviews here! I hope madly that Atlas Shrugged is made available here in South Africa. I am a fan of Ayn Rand and her book of same name is extremely powerful. I'm hoping to see 'Nebraska' sometime. 'Philomena' was good .. about 8/10. 'Her' was also good taking the 'operating system' to a new level. CGI? Doesn't appeal - it seems a cop out. Sci-fi and fantasy is not on my radar really. I loved the movie 'The Prince of Tides' though much of the book was left out of the film. I resisted seeing this because I thought the book (Pat Conroy) was so excellent .. but I'm glad I saw the movie.Thanks Arlee - enjoyed your post and the comments.
    Garden of Eden Blog

  31. Well, you sure sparked some good discussion. Haven't seen the Avengers. Love Singing in the Rain and Wizard of Oz and as one of your commentors suggested, I believe To Kill a Mockingbird is an all time best, too! Great way to stimulate dialogue, Lee.

  32. I must also disagree with your dislike, because I really enjoyed the Avengers! Sorry, but the digitized movie development does it for me. I love being immersed in the fantasy of it all, although I also like the traditional style of movie as well, but I think you would find that a lot of those movies today are also created through the use of computers and not filmed on site.

  33. Susan Scott-- Atlas Shrugged would probably mostly appeal to fans of the book. It has a lot of faults, but I was able to get past them.

    Liza-- Sometimes saying extreme things gets readers to react.

    Carolyn-- Most studio films probably use CGI to make certain things easier like location shooting. I'm getting a bit tired of films being driven by excess CGI to create outlandish effects. Things start looking too CGI. I go back to the example of the Hulk scenes. Fake looking.


  34. I agree with your movie choices, I did like Ben Hur and Gone with the Wind. What whould they be like with CGI?

  35. I haven't seen the Avengers, so can't comment on that. But I feel some of the movies are over hyped.

  36. I loved The Avengers movie. A classic escapist movie and one of the better ones. sometimes you just have to enjoy the ride.

  37. Doreen-- CGI would have certainly improved the Atlanta burning scenes in GWTW--those were a bit weak in the original though not terrible. Ben Hur they would have taken over the top probably.

    Rachna-- Too much hype is the problem I often have. I like it better when I don't know much about a film and get surprised.

    Ken -- And that's the problem I'm suggesting. The movie was like a ride and should have been shorter. I found it to be a bit excessive and exhausting. These CGI extravaganzas are too much like the amusement park virtual reality rides. Many of those films actually end up getting the ride treatment at places like Universal Studios Theme Parks.


  38. I agree about all the animation used today. Haven't seen but a few of the movies on your best list, and didn't particularly care for those. The most recent movie on my personal best list is The Book Thief.

  39. Carol-- The Book Thief is actually a recent movie that I've seen. My wife and I both liked it, though there were quite a few highly critical reviews that I've read.


  40. YAY!!!!!!!!!! Someone else who didn't LOVE the Avengers. ;) I thought it was very "meh". I think the main problem was that it was soooo hyped up, with people saying their friends who didn't generally like movies at all LOVED it. This seemed to suggest it must be the best movie ever made. Obviously it wasn't that.

    I love Joss Whedon, but this movie just didn't thrill me.

  41. Trisha F-- In 10 or 20 years we'll get a better idea. Will it still be remembered as great? I wouldn't even consider it a groundbreaking film. It was well done with some good effects, but it's one of many that I've seen like that.


  42. I haven't been watching the new superhero movies either; too much angst, and its all been done so many times all they do is put in a newer/younger actor and rehash the same old story.

    Not much good stuff out there to watch anymore, even without the CGI.

  43. I haven't seen the Avengers, but I agree it'a annoying when the impressiveness of the CGI is what carries the entire movie.

    Some good picks on your list. I would add the first two Aliens movies, which combine amazing special effects (before CGI) with great story. Also, can't beat a bit of It's A Wonderful Life.

  44. Donna -- I keep returning to the older flicks from the 60's and before that. I like the way they presented stories back then. On movie nights with my wife I get the recent action flicks--not superheros, but tough guys and car chases--that's what she enjoys and I do too.

    Nick-- Recently I rewatched the first Alien movie after not having seen it for many year and was disappointed. I think I just kind of bored with a lot of science fiction. I now prefer the stranger more philosophical films like Another Earth and I'm always up for time travel films.


  45. We can agree to disagree over Avengers. Technically, I'd been a Marvel fan since Spider-man, but Iron-Man got me started on all the Avengers-related films. For me, they worked because they built on each other piece by piece, all leading up to Avengers. As one person said, the interplay between the characters was great. For me, the interaction along made it work so well for me, seeing how these different personalities get along. I only put it at #50 of my 101 favorite films because it only came out a couple years ago and other films have had more years to make an impact on me as a movie lover and a person.

    But I just enjoyed it because of the actors (great cast!) and the great script and that's just my type of movie.

    Of the movies on your "best films" list, I'll give you Citizen Kane (for obvious reasons), "Singin' in the rain" and "Wizard of Oz"... I've yet to see the others except for "good bad and the ugly." maybe because it's not my genre of choice, but I found it overlong and boring after the first hour :shrug: but that's just me.

    I confess that I need to see "gone with the wind" again at some point, but right now my opinion is if I'm gonna stick around for 4 hour movie, I want to feel the ending was worth those 4 hours. Its beyond depressing ending made me feel like I needed those 4 hours of my life back.
    The only other movie of substantial length I'd seen so far was "Dr. Zhivago," which did run long, but I thought it was well done. Either it was a better film, Omar Sharif appealed to me more than Clark Gable or seeing it in my 20's (opposed to my teens with Gone with the Wind) made the overall difference.

  46. Jackie B-- You make a good point about watching a movie being an investment of one's time and it's preferable to have a good return on one's investment. To me the The Avengers was not a horrible film but I didn't get a sense of receiving a good return for my investment of time. But I think I've just become kind of jaded about superhero and science fiction films. That doesn't mean I'll totally stop watching them though.


  47. You are the master of creating discussion with thought provoking and polarizing post. That is NOT a criticism, it's a compliment.

    Here is a partial list of my favorite movies.

    Godfather Part 2
    It is odd that the second movie in a series is better than the first.

    This movie not only made me want to be Italian, it made me want to be a gangster.

    Shawshank Redemption
    Without Morgan Freeman it only would have been a great movie. With him, it was amazing.

    Pulp Fiction
    Not much to say, you either get it or you don't.

    The Dark Knight
    Heath Ledger as the Joker, was one of the best performances EVER.

    The long unbroken scene when Ray Liotta and Lorraine Bracco walk into the back door of the “Copacabana” restaurant, go through the kitchen and all the way out to the night club in front, went over 3 minutes in one continuous shot. I LOVED this movie and it was made even better because of that scene.

    Apocalypse Now
    Realistic? Not at all! But it doesn't matter.

    Full Metal Jacket
    The first 35 minutes is the most realistic and hilarious portrayal of Marine Corps Boot Camp ever done. The rest of the movie was average. Most people don’t care that much about it, but it’s my list!

    The script was amazing and the offbeat actors in the movie made it run like a Swiss watch. The current TV series with same name, is also great.

    The Big Lebowski
    You knew this had to be in here somewhere, right? If you haven’t seen it, you really should. Know in advance, that when it gets weird, he's not dreaming, he's having acid flashbacks. Okay?

    Except for numbers 1,2,3,4,6,7 and 88, I loved your list...
    I totally agree with you about the Avengers.

  48. Pat-- I thank you for the compliment. To be a bit provocative generates more than a string of "Nice Post" comments and sometimes gets a discussion going and I enjoy that.

    Your list is excellent and I would rank most of those high on my favorites list. Oddly I've never seen any of the Godfather films. I keep meaning to since they're so highly regarded. I'll get around to those one day I guess.

    Thanks for sharing your list of favorites. It's a quality list for sure.


  49. I liked the Avengers not because it was a great movie but it was fun and I knew going in it would be silly. I had no expectations about it. I agree with you on the CGI and am sick of that and 3D because they are giving up a little thing called writing for an ooohh and an awwwww. I think a worse stinkaroo is Gravity. It made me think of Attack of the 50 ft Woman at the very end of the film. Load of crappola. Now I appreciate Fellini and realize he is in the top 10 of all time great film makers but I would have "The Searchers" on the list, "Casablanca", La Belle et La Bette" and "Lord of the Rings" series as that was great story telling mixed in with CGI but it didn't take away from the story or the acting. I am glad you recognized "Singing In The Rain" as that is superb and "Citizen Kane" goes without saying. Well I'm just saying:)

  50. I liked the Avengers not because it was a great movie but it was fun and I knew going in it would be silly. I had no expectations about it. I agree with you on the CGI and am sick of that and 3D because they are giving up a little thing called writing for an ooohh and an awwwww. I think a worse stinkaroo is Gravity. It made me think of Attack of the 50 ft Woman at the very end of the film. Load of crappola. Now I appreciate Fellini and realize he is in the top 10 of all time great film makers but I would have "The Searchers" on the list, "Casablanca", La Belle et La Bette" and "Lord of the Rings" series as that was great story telling mixed in with CGI but it didn't take away from the story or the acting. I am glad you recognized "Singing In The Rain" as that is superb and "Citizen Kane" goes without saying. Well I'm just saying:)


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