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Friday, March 28, 2014

How Much Do Your Blog Posts Weigh?

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        What kind of dumb unquantifiable question is this?   How much does a blog post weigh?  Who asks a question like that anyway?

          I do--who else?   When I've got a lot of other things to think about I might now and then toss out some outlandish question for readers to think about.    I've got A to Z blog posts to compose, social media to follow, family issues to be concerned about, and other fish to fry (I'm fixing tilapia for dinner tonight--that is Thursday night of the day I'm composing this blog piece).

          But concerning the weightiness of a blog post, I'm not necessarily talking about how many words it contains.  A long post can be a lightweight bunch of fluff.  A content laden post might have a lot to tickle your mind, but does it leave any lasting impressions?   A lot of pictures can make a post look heavy, but what do you take with you after you leave?

          A truly heavy post is the one that weighs you down and entices you to think about it for a while.  I'm not sure how often this happens.   Since most of us are busy with this or that we might not have that much time to ponder ideas from a blog post.  We might even need to watch TV or something.

         What I'm talking about is like the difference between lugging home a bag of gold bars and a big tote sack filled with fluffy cotton candy.  I kind of like cotton candy.  It melts in your mouth--you don't even have to chew it.   And it tastes sweet and good.   You can't eat the gold bars and it takes a lot more effort to carry them.  It can be a back-straining sweat-inducing effort.   Ultimately though the gold bars are an investment that can pay you back.

          Sometimes I enjoy some cotton candy.   Or popcorn.   Or pudding.    Such a pleasure to sit dully in front of the TV watching some mind-numbing show while pigging out on junk food.    Escapism in part I suppose.  Addiction of a sort from another perspective.

        I sometimes strive for blog posts that weigh lot.  Not long mind you, but something to chew on.   I'd like to think I'm occasionally writing blog posts that are more like the equivalent of a granola bar or a garden salad with a lot of fresh vegetables in it.   Something you have to chew on and might be getting some nutritional value from.

         Then again granola bars can be kind of like eating that composite wood stuff or maybe a cork bulletin board.   Maybe I'd rather write a Three Musketeers bar or one of those chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies they have at Easter.

            How heavy do you like your blog posts to be?   Would you rather read a cotton candy post or raw carrots and cauliflower?    Do you like a blog post that makes you think a bit and inspires you to leave a deeper comment than you typically leave?

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  1. Hi Lee - I do like a 'good' post: one that interests me ... and we all have different ideas on life. I like to learn .. so sometimes I'll be happy to comment, others I'll take my option and opt out.

    As long as I interest my readers and people come back as often as they wish .. then I'm happy - I try and balance my postings ... even though I may do a lot of historical type posts .. I'll try and lighten them up.

    You have good mixes amongst your blogs and postings ..

    PS - thanks for the A-Z .. you raised the starting gun for this.

    Cheers Hilary

  2. I used to do at least one post like that a week at my old blog. Sadly though, the well has run dry and now it's more of a hit or miss proposition. goes on.

  3. I prefer something in between, although the cotton candy ones are more likely to evoke a response. I like the informative posts, ones where I can learn, but if someone is going for the deep and heavy, that just doesn't hold my attention.

  4. I'll be honest...I've never thought about this issue either way!

  5. I'm a new book review blogger and so far the books I've reviewed have been on the lighter side. However, I have a pretty heavy hitting one coming out on Monday, for the book The Sea of Tranquility, and I'm really curious to see what kind of reaction it gets :)

    New follower to your blog!

  6. >>... How heavy do you like your blog posts to be?

    Six pounds, and twenty-two point three ounces.

    >>... Would you rather read a cotton candy post or raw carrots and cauliflower?

    Actually, I really prefer quiche most of all.

    >>... Do you like a blog post that makes you think a bit and inspires you to leave a deeper comment than you typically leave?

    No! I hate it when they make me think! If I wanted to think, I'd watch 'Dancing With The Kardashians' or something like that.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. I'm with Diane on this one. I like the in-betweenies.

  8. I don't like cotton candy. Not even as a kid after about age 4 or 5. I'm not fond of cotton candy posts, either, but you probably knew that about me.
    I like mine more like beef jerky.

  9. I actually like those blog posts that make me think. And you know that you've written one when my comment competes (in length, at least) with the original post.

  10. Hilary -- Your post are always jam-packed with interesting facts and historical information. Very educational and fun.

    GB -- You seem to go kind of deep most of the time. Like you're thinking and want your readers to share that experience.

    L.Diane -- Yeah, I wonder if it's worth doing much research for blog posts sometimes. A lot of readers seem to want something they can digest quickly to move on to the next light snack.

    JoJo - And you're probably like most readers. Nothing wrong with that.

    Finley -- Welcome! Hope you get a good response to the deeper review.

    StMc -- I had you pegged for a quiche sort of guy. Would you like bon-bons for dessert?

    Southpaw -- One thing about the blogging world is that there are blogs to accommodate all tastes.

    Andrew-- Oooo-beef jerky. That's a good one. The cotton candy posts don't satisfy my hunger for content, but they can be quick pleasant diversions. Like real cotton candy too much of the light fluff can even make a person sick--metaphorically speaking from an intellectual standpoint. I usually enjoy reading the kinds of posts like you have on your blog because they challenge my small mind and encourage me to do a mental workout.


  11. Robin -- Thank you for that short comment :) Seriously though, I love some of those long comments that you and others leave. I feel like I accomplished my mission. It's great when the comments turn into an actual discussion and sometimes even derivative posts on other blogs.


  12. Oh, Lee, weighty questions. Depends on how much else is going on in my mind/life/writing. Escapism has been often the preferred choice of the day these past months, but I've had a lot to deal with, so when I get a chance to vegetate (act like versus consume vegetation :) I do. Yet I always welcome a blog post that snaps me out of my rut and makes me reevaluate. Keep asking the big questions!

  13. I really dislike marshmallow anything. You can have my share. As for 'fluffy' posts, we need a few of those to lighten our day, but I prefer the heavy stuff, the ones that make me think.

    And with an image or photo, you get a visual which can stay in your mind longer than the words.

    Your subjects on Tossing it Out make me think - unless you're being silly, which then makes me laugh. Good luck with the post prep.

  14. I like a little of both, and always want to read something that entices me to comment. Sometimes it's really hard to find, never on your site though!

    It's lovely be able to relate to people or the subject.

  15. Jan -- I think we all need an escape now and then, but some people want continual escape and that's not good in my opinion.

    DG -- The right image or visual can stay with me. Usually not pet pictures though, but that's me. I gladly take any marshmallow that anyone else doesn't want.

    Yolanda -- Balance is essential to have a well rounded mental life. Thank you for the kind words about my site.


  16. Bearing in mind the nature of my blog I am best to say nothing. . . . . Expect that my blog is consistent; it is what it is and everyone who visits regularly knows that, its a love it or hate it sort of blog (I think).

  17. Never thought about it either. I guess my posts vary, quite often fluffy occasionally more depth and usually not too serious. Depends on my mood and what I am thinking when I write. I have a lot of my blogs on paper. They way a lot.

  18. It's a good thing to ponder.
    Lately, I'm not sure. I probably bore people to death, though I know that's not the kind of weight you mean. I always try to leave readers something to think about or give them something to feel. It's a writer thing.

  19. I am a brevity writer: few meaningful words, well written. Only two of my posts are "wordy" by my standards. Thinking should extend beyond what is said.

  20. Rob -- Consistency means a lot. The return visitors attest to that. They must like what you do--or they like to torture themselves.

    Jo -- Your recipes alone have worthwhile content that some people may want to save.

    Jennifer -- I like the "writer thing". If there is something you think needs to be said then you know how to express it if you're a good writer.

    Susan -- Well phrased brevity often says more than a lot of words.


  21. I do enjoy inspiring posts. But cotton candy posts are delicious. Whether it stays with your or just gives a quick laugh, blog posts are written because the writers have decided something within them with all of us. That to me is what is truly 'heavy'.

  22. For me I prefer post that leave me things to ponder about and learn from. Although sometimes fluffy is nice as well.

  23. Short fat ones are the best.

  24. Sheena-kay - Laughter is good medicine.

    Glenda -- It's back to the issue of balance. A mix is nice.

    Rob -- No problemo.

    Shelly -- That's an interesting way of putting it.


  25. I like to learn something from anything I read, so my favorite posts have something to teach me, even if it's just a random bit of trivia.

  26. I like posts that make me think and evoke a response within me - like this one for instance, Arlee.

  27. I like reading inspiring and thought-provoking posts, though my own posts are often like cotton candy...

    I have signed in for my first "A to Z" challenge, and I am looking forward to it.
    BTW, I have added your site to my reading list.

  28. Kelly --I'm with you on that point. And trivia is more fun than trivial.

    Connie -- Reading should inform, stimulate thought, or entertain and ideally all of these should happen in the best blog posts.

    Romi -- Welcome to A to Z. I'll come over for some cotton candy soon.


  29. I prefer to write meaningful and educational posts, perhaps because my education and background is in journalism. I also prefer to read meaningful posts. I like blogs that focus on spirituality and science. I know some people prefer short posts, but mine are generally longer with facts and research. This is why I like to blog-because everyone has different tastes and blogs can meet the needs of many.

  30. What wonderful metaphors! So glad I've taken the A-Z challenge this year and will be interacting with all these bloggers. My posts are most definitely cotton candy or fairy floss as we call it in Australia. Pink fairy floss at that!

  31. I'm a variety person. Maybe some cotton candy stuck to gold bars?

  32. Hey Lee,

    How are you, Mr. Alphabet Man? I like sites that offer variety, that keep you guessing what they might do next.

    I like sites where a dog, for instance, such as Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar takes over the site. I like controversial bloggers who do not follow the crowd and become blogger sheep. And if they are arrogant, self-centred and don't bother to interact, I give them a wide berth. Okay, after I've gone to their site and satirised them.

    I always try to leave meaningful comments on sites. None of that, "Great Post!" Thanks for sharing!", crap.

    Excellent post, Lee.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  33. Darla - So true. There are blogs to fit every need and desire. When there is an interest level a long blog post may be welcomed.

    Pinky -- I think I stick with "cotton candy". In fact I'll get stick with cotton candy. Glad you've joined in the fun.

    Steven -- I'll take the gold bars with cotton candy stuck to them but I might not eat that cotton candy.

    Gary -- I only use the "Great post!" comment in the Great Post Blogfest.


  34. Lee, I can always count on you to make me think, which may or may not be a good thing! The nice thing is that you can still accomplish this without creating heartburn! I always look forward to your fiber-filled variety pack!


  35. Hey Lee,
    Thanks for answering my question about the Like buttons on Blogspot posts. So it's up to the blogger to include the Reactions buttons on posts. I'm sure alot of Blogspot folks will see your answer and start adding those buttons! Let's hope. Also, another thing I've noticed is on your comment section you allow the option to sign with your blog identity. alot of others don't so I end up just signing as my gmail address (and I never check my gmail account!) so that's another thing maybe bloggers should be aware of. I can't wait to read your A-Z topics! This is my first year doing this and already it's fun. I just started following your blog. Here's mine if you want to drop by sometime:
    Thanks again! michele

  36. PS: I liked your post: Now you'll have me thinking each time I write a post: How much does this post weigh? Good point!

  37. Writing blog posts is like breathing -- you can't inhale or exhale all the time: you have to do both.

    We have to alternate fun posts with thoughtful posts and add a dash of reflection here and there in both. :-) And sex -- just kidding there.

  38. I avoid the weighty stuff - I leave that to the pros.

    I'm cotton candy nearly 100% of the time.

  39. I like a post that makes me think a bit and, preferably, one which will inspire an answering blog post from me.
    They don't need to be heavy posts just ones that resonate in my mind/memory and produce an internal conversation.

  40. Julie-- We need fiber to stay regular.

    Michele -- I've experimented with the comment sign-in. I try to avoid too much spam, but Blogger has an imperfect commenting system. I've yet to find the perfect one though.

    Roland -- Yes, when I've done a post that gets too heavy I like to follow up with something silly. And so far I've discovered that sex does not guarantee a lot of blog hits.

    Tami -- The carnival midway needs to have a cotton candy vendor to keep the entertainment and variety.

    Erica -- It's cool when one post inspires another. I've done several in response to other posts I've read.


  41. Hi Lee!
    Thought I'd drop by and look in on a post or two. This is a good one, with food for thought! I think that I like a pleasant mix of both - some light, fun reading that makes me smile, or laugh, but being a reflective, 'big idea' thinker, I do enjoy posts that stay with me, turning around in my thoughts, making me go beyond my own views.

    I like variety, what can I say?

  42. Trying to follow, but it won't let me right now...I will try again soon!


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