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Friday, June 21, 2013

There's Something I've Been Meaning To Do

World wide web
World wide web (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

        There's something I've been meaning to do here at Tossing It Out, but you probably know how one can get distracted and keep putting things off and that sort of thing.   I'm always thinking of blog post ideas that I put in the queue to write about some day and then they become outdated or I just flat out forget why the topic was so important or interesting to me at the time.  But it's probably time to get to this one thing I've been meaning to do.

         However before I get to that here are a few little things that have crossed my mind:

The Infinite Web

         They say that once something is on the web that it stays forever.  I'm not sure that I totally buy that theory.  There are lot's of things that I've found on the internet that seem to get lost when I go back to look for them.  Besides all this data isn't just floating out in space as far as I know.  If I understand correctly I think everything is stored on servers or something like that.  What if there was some major catastrophic event that destroyed all servers?   Or some electromagnetic pulse type thing that eradicated all man-made power?  I'm probably not being technologically correct in some of my terminology or thinking, but I'm just not sure that the statement "What goes on the internet stays there forever".   Will there be internet in Heaven?   Or maybe it will be reserved for Hell.

From the Arlee Archives:

       Here's a relic that I ran across on the internet regarding my own past.   A wedding announcement from my first marriage to Cathy Clarke appeared in the December 20, 1976 edition of Circus Report.   Scroll down to the top left side of page 36--it's not far down since the pages start at 33.

Check it out:  

        Maybe things do stay on the internet forever.

College of Blogging

         Sommer Leigh at Tell Great Stories offers some great suggestions in her College of Blogging posts. This is actually an entire series of blogging help tips.  If you're looking for a good resource for yourself or to help someone you know who is new to blogging, send them over to Blogging College with Sommer.

Update!! -- Looks like the individual "College" Posts are all gone!   But you can still get to Sommer's blog.  Maybe she compiled them into a book form?

Vacation Notice

         I'll be taking a leave for the next couple of weeks.  I'll tell you more about this after my return in July.  In the meantime I'll be leaving Tossing It Out in the very capable hands of bloggers such as Colby Marshall, Damyanti Biswas, Nicole Ayers, and Alex J. Cavanaugh.  Stay tuned as the blog will remain open while I'm gone.  I'll probably be scarce or nonexistent in blog visiting for a short while.  But I'll be back.

Now What Was I Going To Say?

         I know I had something else that I intended to do in this post, but I guess I got sidetracked.  Besides, this post is long enough now.   Whatever it was that I meant to do can wait until another post.

         What odd tidbits about your own history or someone else's have you run across on the internet?   Do you believe that what appears on the internet will really stay there forever?   Do you have any things that you keep meaning to post about but keep postponing?   

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  1. Whenever I search something on the internet, its there one day, gone the next. God knows where it disappears.

    Lee, will you be accessible by email? Wanted to clear some blogging doubts with you. Its not urgent, so I can wait for your return.

  2. I'm the same Lee in the sense that I often have something in my head that I want to write about but just don't get around to doing. I believe everything you do remains online myself and that's why I'm always careful, you never know who reads the things that we post I guess.

  3. Hope you have a good rest from blogging.
    About the Internet, as you know I deleted my first blog many months ago. By chance I find 6 poems have NOT been deleted nor has it my name for copyright purposes. I have got in touch with Google but it seems they can't do anything,I appreciate one has 90 days in which to change your mind but I deleted "Welcome To My World Of Poetry" BEFORE Christmas.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  4. The Internet will be in hell, no doubt about it.
    And Summer hasn't blogged in a long time, so hopefully that series is still there.

  5. LOve your thoughts. I've often thought it would be great if you could just Google the universe and find all the real answers to life and the hearafter. Have a great vacation.

  6. I tried looking at Sommer's posts about blogging. Kept getting "error, post doesn't exist. So maybe that answers your question.

  7. Yes, I do think that once something is posted on the Internet, somebody somewhere will be able to retrieve it. You might need particular tools and expertise but I think it can be found.
    ANd I do the same thing you do - I put titles in the drafts folder or even start pieces and then they sit until I have the time or energy to pursue them. And sometimes the interest fades before I get there.
    Enjoy your adventure!

  8. There are lots of blog posts that float around in my head, never making it to the screen. Alas, we can't do everything...

  9. The circus history was pretty interesting. It reminded me of the old wrestling magazines where fans got their info before the advent of the Internet.

    I think, eventually, the Internet (as we know it) will either be abandoned for something else, or evolve into something that we wouldn't recognize, today. Whether the info will be around forever is anyone's guess.

    Have a great vacation! :)

  10. Enjoy your vacation, Lee.

    I'm not at all geeky but I do know, from friends who are, that it wouldn't be hard to have the entire internet go down with something as simple as a strong sunflare. Quite an interesting conversation that was.


  11. Don't you know? Everything is in the cloud, now. Or should that be clouds? I wonder what the effect of rain is?

  12. Rachna -- I may be somewhat accessible by email, but I will probably not be on the computer much. You can send an email and I guess I'll see it eventually.

    Yeamie -- Better to be safe than be embarrassed later on.

    Jeremy --Thanks!

    Yvonne -- I don't imagine Google cares too much about most of our requests.

    Alex -- I've done an update on that series which is now gone.

    Em -- There are answers to everything on the internet. Not always the right answers or good answers, but answers to everything.

    Richard -- Lost according to the links, but maybe the posts are floating out there somewhere.

    Gracie -- It's nice to at least have a stockpile of ideas for later.

    Joy -- I try, but you're right--I can't do everything.

    Mark-- That circus publication is a relic of the past, but it's cool that they keep an archive on line.

    Sia -- I think the permanence of the internet is overstated.

    Andrew -- One day we may get an internet storm and be flooded with data. Maybe it's already happened.


  13. I once found an old letter I sent to our local paper called The Gleaner online. I was actually happy about that. Enjoy your vacation and your blog is in good hands.

  14. The Internet will evolve, but into what I have no idea.

    I hate it when I have no idea what I was going to say for a post.

  15. You were part of the THE JUGGLING JACKSONS? There have to be many stories there. I had no idea you grew up in a Circus Family. Wowza.

    Enjoy your break. You'll be missed, but everyone needs one:)

  16. Have fun on your vacation! Yes, I have things I'd like to post about on my blog and sometimes I postpone doing so. This is usually because I know what I want to say, but I'm not quite sure how to say it in the right way where I can fully represent what I'm feeling about that topic. Sometimes I'd take the jump and post about something that's really on the tip of my tongue, and I might find later, after I'd posted it, that I should've added something else to better explain myself.

  17. Sheena -- I think it's great when publications put their archives online.

    L.Diana -- We always come up with something though, don't we.

    Robin -- I've done a number of show biz stories here on Tossing It Out as well as on my memoir blog Wrote By Rote.

    Jo-- Thanks!

    Cynthia -- I can almost always think of more things to add to a post. I guess that's why some of my posts turn into series.


  18. Lee, I am right there with you on subjects to blog about. Most pass through my brain at the speed of a comet ... and are just as quickly gone. I started queuing up post drafts but then they would get buried and I would find them two months later. I need to make better use of the voice recorder on my iPhone!!

    I think your weeding announcement proves that history stays on the internet...for a really long time. There may be a Big Brain somewhere that holds everything that has ever crossed the internet...maybe it is named Al Gore?

    Enjoy your vacation, sounds like your site is in capable hands.

  19. It was exciting seeing your wedding announcement listed above Evel Knievel's name! I would love to see videos of your performing days! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation Lee!



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