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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Time Travel ( #atozchallenge )

Time Changer
Time Changer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The films that I'll be listing in my April postings will not necessarily be films that I'd call my favorite films, but they will be favorites in the genres I'll be naming.   The A to Z genres are very specific micro genres as opposed to the broader genres like action, romance, or comedy.

        I imagine a few of you probably figured I'd be going for the time travel genre for the letter T.   It's the obvious choice right?

Here are some of the ones I've enjoyed:

The Terminator (1984)--This film starts out a franchise which is outstanding all the way.  I love them all.  Smart scripts and great action.

Back to the Future (1985) --The whole series is great.  The first installment is a film that's fun and funny and highly imaginative.

Time Cop (1994) -- My wife loves this film and so do I.   We are big Jean-Claude Van Damme fans.

Time Changer (2002)--This low-budget film concerns a professor from the 1890's who travels forward to modern day Los Angeles.  Comic situations are blended with serious issues.   I appreciate what the filmmakers were trying to do here.

The Jacket (2005)--This is one of those films I need to watch again because I don't remember it much.  I recall liking it a great deal and I gave it the highest rating on Netflix.  Yeah, I need to see this again.

Deja Vu (2006) -- This is kind of a mind-bender with some interesting implications.  I liked it--with reservations.  It's a film that made me think.

Crusade: A March Through Time (2006)--Also known as Crusade in Jeans, in this film a teenage boy goes back in time to change the outcome of a soccer game where he has screwed up, but instead ends up about 800 years in the past where he joins up with the misguided members of the Children's Crusade.  I thought the issues of being sent back to that time were fairly well done.   Well, maybe not language wise, but that's often a problem in time travel films.

Timecrimes (2007)--This is a Spanish film that is available in a dubbed version that works very well as such.  A man who witnesses a crime goes back in time to prevent it and finds more complications than he expected.  This one may have you trying to figure out the conundrum presented.   I'd heard this was going to be made into a U.S. version in English but I'm still waiting.  

Source Code (2011) -- This is another film with enough twists to turn your brain into a pretzel.  Fun and action packed.

          Oh, I know I left out a bunch--talk to me.   Do you like my choices?    What do you think makes a time travel story work best?

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  1. Never heard of Time Changer.
    Terminator II was my movie pick today. The first three all revolved around time travel. Source Code was also an excellent film.
    Last year's Looper was one of the best time travel films I have ever seen. Smart movie.

  2. I think Timeline is one of the best time travel films I've ever seen. Billy Connelley being funny, Gerard Butler with an accent, and medieval France. What more could you want!

  3. You have made many choices but alas I havn't seen one. I love music and musicals, most films I do see is when they appear on TV.


  4. Back to the Future was awesome and my kids could watch it.

  5. I love the Time Travelers Wife. Great book, too.

  6. The art of time travel is something honestly that I fear but some amazing films have been made out of it so I can't complain, Back To The Future was so good! I guess that the third Harry Potter film could count as a time travel film to an extent, the plot very heavily centres around time travel in the latter half of the film.

  7. Terminator is the only one I'm sure I watched. I guess The Time Traveler's Wife is a favorite.

  8. I'm not sure this is truly a time travel movie - but Inception certainly played tricks with time (and my mind).

  9. Back to the Future, all three parts, are my absolute favourite time travel films. In most films, the producers seem to embark on the sequel once the original starts to make money. They then make a film that's miles away from the original, without any concern about connecting elements. But in Back to the Future, it was as if the makers had scripted all films together before getting into production. There is that kind of attention to detail. As a viewer, you never get an opportunity to feel smug at the stupidity of the filmmaker. I can watch BTTF any number of times.

    Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar at Cynthology

  10. I am not a big fan of Time Travel,mainly because it tends to be science fiction which isn't my genre but for some reason I like the cheesy "The Time Machine" 1960 film.
    And, I did enjoy the First "Back to the Future"
    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  11. Terminator and Back to the Future are the only ones on your list I have seen and I love them both. Maybe I should watch the other.

    Rhonda @Laugh Quotes

  12. Alex -- I was let down by Looper so I didn't include it, but I figured you would.

    Kellie -- I don't remember much about Timeline. I need to watch that one again.

    Yvonne -- I couldn't think of any time travel musicals, but some are needed.

    Daft -- BTTF is fine fun for the whole family.

    Em -- I liked the movie, but didn't read the book.

    Yeamie-- So many exciting possibilities with time travel!

    Susan --I'll bet you might like Back to the Future.

    Sheila -- Dream travel probably best would describe Inception

    Cynthia-- BTTF is a fun trilogy to watch in succession.

    Lucy -- The nice thing about the time travel genre is that it is rooted in a science fiction idea, but doesn't often focus too much on the scientific aspects.

    Rhonda -- I'll watch time travel any time. I'll go back in time to watch time travel.


  13. I love time travel movies! But ahem! JJ Abrams Star Trek!!!! Don't mean to yell, but it's just such an amazing film. I've seen most of your picks, all excellent choices. I'd also add Star Trek IV, the one where they have to go back in time and save the whales. Best one of the series.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  14. 'Time Travel' movies... yeah, that was a no-brainer genre selection for you, PROFESSOR BOIDMAN.

    My two favorites would be the (aforementioned) trilogy 'BACK TO THE FUTURE'. ...Incidentally, I think I'm the only person whose very favorite installment of that trilogy was the second. I LOVED all that going back and forth and trying to keep it all straight in my mind!

    Also, I want to say that Cynthia's comment above, about 'BACK TO THE FUTURE' is spot-on! She nailed it, and I have thought that same thing many times. That is one trilogy that was conceived as an authentic trilogy (not an opportunistic, after-thought, money-making scheme), and so the three parts are woven together seamlessly.

    My other favorite 'Time Travel' movie is the great romance 'SOMEWHERE IN TIME' (1980), starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. I thought that was terrific; my kind of movie, which I have seen probably four times.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  15. I've seen some of these, but I'm putting those I haven't seen on my "order from Netflix" list. I love the time travel theme.

  16. I love time travel stories! It'd be so cool if Stephen King's novel 11/22/63 would get made into a film.

    I love Back to the Future! The first one. The other two are duds. The first one is great, though!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  17. I really like all of your pics that I have seen. BTF is excellent fun. De Ja Vu and Source Code were amazing. I liked The Lake House for a romantic time travel film. I also liked Somewhere In Time. The Terminator was an excellent adventure time travel series. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure could also fall into this category. I really like Time Travel films.

  18. The Back to the Future series will always be my favorite time travel movies for nostalgic reasons. They are so fun, inventive, and memorable. I loved how time travel was explored in JJ Abrams' Star Trek reboot. Great way to get Old Spock in there :)

  19. Just watching all these kinds of films with my 10 year old, he's hooked on Back to Future. We also enjoyed Bill and Ted excellent adventure, Timeline, and many more that I can't remember the names. A favourite dining conversation is, if we travelled back x number of years what would we do, and the more we think the more problems crop up and what ifs, what could go wrong, etc. It sure get his imagination going which is great.
    Good Post, thanks
    maggie at expat brazil

  20. Tina -- I've seen a number of the Star Trek films but don't remember them much.

    StMc -- I agree that Somewhere In Time is a wonderful film.

    C.Lee -- I'd think you'd find something to like on my list.

    Laura -- I'll have to disagree about the BTTF series. I liked them all, though the 3rd was a bit weirder than the first two.

    Robin -- Yes, Bill and Ted was a fun film.

    Steph-- I guess I need to revisit the Abrams Star Trek film.

    Maggie -- Time travel stories raise interesting questions and make for fun discussion.


  21. Yes, The Time Traveller's Wife was a beautiful story. I have seen most of the one's you listed. Afraid I didn't like the Terminator.


  22. I like The Time Traveler's Wife. The idea if time traveling as a disease was something that was not tackled before (I think).

  23. The Butterfly Effect was the saddest time travel movie I have ever seen - at first, each time he sifted, I was so hopeful also, I have to mention The Jacket was superb. All that said, all it takes is a bar of two of music from the opening of Terminator and I'm hooked all over again.

  24. Fascinating topic! Time travel books/movies often seem to make my head explode (!) but I love them nevertheless. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Ros at GenWestUK

  25. Great list. I think Premonition may fit into time travel movies. I loved that movie. Butterfly Effect too. I think time travel movies work best when the characters fix important things in the past to make the future better.

    Chontali Kirk

  26. Source Code. Ah, Source Code. Wow.

    Did you know that they made a series out of Timecop? I've caught a few episodes on SyFy during the day on occasion. Interesting take on the movie.

  27. Source Code is insane. I'd like to see The Jacket again too.

  28. I love the old Time Machine from way back, with Rod Stewart?(Aussie actor) and Yvette Mimieux. Also Time Machine with Guy Pearce.

  29. Source code was a great one. And I see you didn't like Looper. I thought it was well done. I would also say Timeline. I thought it was a good film with a few nice little twists.
    We Are Adventure

  30. My favorite time-travel adventure HAS to be Biggles, Adventures in Time. It is absolutely horrible, but I was a kid when I saw it and I will clutch those first impressions to my heart forever.

    For me, a good time-based story is about getting control over something we can't control. SO then the chaos needs to come in someplace else and the best time-travel stories, in my opinion, bear poignant reminders about how our human lust for control is so brutally fickle. A story which dabbles in the impossible can only work if the impossible dabbles back.

  31. BTW - thanks for the homework list here, I clearly have some Netflixing to do!

  32. Oh Yes...a perfect choice for the Letter T. Fantastic List...seen most of them...will NetFlix the others...thanks for the reviews. Back TT Future...huge fan. Love reading books on Time Travel, as well.

    My Letter 'T'...Only In Texas Towns
    Sue CollectInTexasGal
    AtoZ LoneStar Quilting Bee

  33. Jo -- Guess you won't be back to see The Terminator again.

    Dee -- I don't recall ever hearing a story of a time travel disorder before. Good premise.

    Elaine -- Good picks!

    Ros -- the genre can play with your head for sure.

    Chontali - I think it's against the rules of time travel, but it's nice to see a happy ending.

    Liz -- I do recall hearing about the Time Cop series, but I never saw it.

    Sheena -- I need to see both of these again.

    Susan -- I don't think it was Rod Stewart, but I can't remember the guys name.

    Elliot -- I did like Looper, but it just didn't meet up to my expectations and I was disappointed.

    Karoline -- I just have a hard time taking a time travel flick seriously if they change time, but it doesn't mean I don't like it.

    Sue -- Time travel is one of the best genres because it can incorporate so many other things.


  34. I haven't heard of half of these films, so it's something for me to look up... thanks for sharing.

    There were a couple of films that I really enjoyed... maybe one was Oscar and Lucinda? travel forward from an Austrian duke to the present day, and another one involving some archaeologists going back in time to Medieval France and one of them staying, but can't remember.

    And then there was Star Trek IV, the one where they go back to save the whales. Definitely one of my faves.

    And the Time Traveler's Wife was good.

    Arlee, thanks for commenting on my blog. I am still trying to catch up on comments and hopping.

  35. The Time Machine is one time travel film I've seen. If only Dr Who counted as a film. That's all time travel...

  36. Wow! All of my favorites have been covered! Great job everyone! Although to throw in an old TV show from my youth, "The Time Tunnel." I would have liked to see that in a movie.

  37. I love anything to do with time-travel. Which is why Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite Harry Potter book- becuase it uses time traveling so effectively as the main plot element.

  38. Back to the future is a classic, great to watch over and over again.

  39. Maui -- I think you could be thinking of Kate and Leopold and Timeline. These were both pretty good as I recall.

    Imogen -- They should make a Dr Who movie. Though I'll have to admit that I've never seen the TV show.

    Rocky -- I was a big Time Tunnel fan. Have it on DVD.

    Natasha -- Have yet to see any Harry Potter films or read the books.

    Rowena -- I agree.


  40. Awesome time movie picks Lee! Loved the Terminator and Back to the Future series. Haven't seen some of your other selections. Jean Claude movies are fun. Does Minority Report count? Visions of the future, and flashbacks to the past? What makes a good time movie? Ones that make you think about the plot long after you left the theater. Fun post!

  41. Back To The Future is my favorite on your list. It's fun, and something we can all relate to.


  42. Time Cop, a favourite of mine. The film was made on location in Vancouver and the primary building used where he fell out the window, is called "The Marine Building".

    There is an error in that film. In one scene, you see the reflection of "Harbour Centre", which was built in the 1970's.

    Happy alphabeting and my alternative is still promoting this in my own ironical way.


  43. I've seen a few of the ones you mentioned. Back To The Future is a good family movie. I saw that someone mentioned The Time Traveler's Wife. Still haven't seen that one, but would really like to. I heard it was really good.

  44. Buck-- If the film leaves me thinking after I've seen it then that's a big plus.

    Julie -- It's hard to believe that anyone wouldn't like at least the first BTTF movie.

    Gary -- Love those little errors. My wife and I were watching a film the other day that supposedly took place in Seattle but I could tell right off that it was Vancouver.

    Susanne -- Time Traveler's Wife gets mixed reviews, but my wife and I both liked it.


  45. I love time travel movies, and these are some of the best. My favorite is probably T2. Another that wasn't very good, but was based on a great Michael Crichton book was Timeline.

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:


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