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Monday, January 7, 2013

Today's Scheduled Post Has Been Preempted by Some Special Announcements

A to Z Challenge News!

         Be sure to visit the Blogging from A to Z Challenge Blog for announcements relevant to the April event.   The new A to Z Challenge badge for 2013 is being debuted!   What the heck--here it is!

          Still, be sure to go to the A to Z Blog site for additional information.


Carol Kilgore Has Another Book Coming Soon!

        Most of you have probably visited Under the Tiki Hut--the blog that is.   It's the blog spot of my long time blog friend Carol Kilgore.  After the success of her previous book, IN NAME ONLY, Carol has come up with another spellbinder.

Here's a preview:

A missing belt—her uncle’s prized possession. The lure of buried treasure. And a sexy former SEAL who makes U.S. Coast Guard Commander Taylor Campbell crazy. What more could any woman want. Right?

Taylor is on a quest to unearth her uncle’s buried treasure—a journey so far out of the realm of her real life she can barely fathom it. There’s one other minor glitch. Taylor's certain the buried treasure was all in Uncle Randy's dementia-riddled mind. Now he’s dead.

All the same, Taylor is in Rock Harbor, Texas, to settle her uncle's estate, including following his directions to the treasure—even if doing so means trespassing. When someone tries to kill her, Taylor's quest becomes personal. She tosses Randy's official cause of death—Drowning Due to Accident—out the window and starts looking at his Rock Harbor acquaintances. Could Randy's treasure be real?

Jake Solomon is in Rock Harbor under false pretenses. He loathes the charade, but if he doesn't follow the plan, his dad will make Jake's SEAL training feel like a day on the monkey bars in kindergarten.

The plan is to protect Taylor Campbell from the fate that befell her uncle and the other members of a tight circle of Coast Guardsmen called the Compass Points who served together on Point boats in Vietnam.

Due to the danger involved, Jake’s dad has ordered him not to become involved with Taylor. Disobeying his father was Jake’s first mistake.

Taylor is attracted to Jake as well, but she refuses to wait for Jake to locate the killer when she knows her plan will force her uncle’s murderer into action.

But the killer's actions are just what Jake is afraid of.

About the Author:

Carol Kilgore has always had stories and characters in her head, but she didn’t know she should write them down until about a dozen years ago. Once she started, she couldn’t stop.

Her first published short story won the Derringer Award for Best Short-Short Mystery. She continued to write short fiction for a few years and also enjoyed a small success as a freelancer before giving it all up for her true love—novels.
Carol writes a blend of mystery, suspense, and romance she calls Crime Fiction with a Kiss. Always at least one crime; always a love story. Solomon’s Compass is her second published novel.

As the wife of a Coast Guard officer, Carol has lived in locations across the U.S. She and her husband now live in a San Antonio suburb and share their home and patio with two active herding dogs that keep them free from all danger, real or imagined.

You can find Carol here:
website . blog . facebook . twitter . goodreads . amazon

        I should be back on Wednesday with my post about why we like what we like and my review of Marvel's The Avengers.

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  1. Looking forward to the AZ Challenge. This year I'm going to have all my posts written in advance (although I said the same last year).


  2. Carol rocks and our A to Z badge is awesome - way to go, Jeremy!!

  3. Love the new badge - can't believe it's time to start working on it again! Can't wait :)

  4. Ah, a herald of spring - the A to Z! Cold dark winter days are perfect for beginning work on those posts.

  5. Yay for Carol!!

    Great badge - I really like it :)

  6. Carol's cover is pretty.

    Already planning my theme for this year's A to Z.

  7. Great book cover! Definitely making plans for the April Blogging event! Jeremy did a great job with the badge and banner for this year!

  8. I really like the new badge. I need a t-shirt. :)

  9. Carol's book sounds like it's going to be great to me and I also love the sound of this Avengers review, it's going to be interesting to hear what you think about it although I think it rocked! It's scary that it's going to be time for the A to Z Challenge again soon. Unfortunately with my current schedules I'm probably not going to get a chance to take part again this year which will be a massive shame if I can't, I'll be really disappointed, great post Lee.

  10. Great badge.

    Pretty good looking book cover too.

  11. Good luck to Carol with Solomon's Compass! What an awesome cover and great way to kick off the new year!

  12. Love the A-Z badge!!

    And a big congrats to Carol!! I love that cover.

  13. Hi Arlee, how's it going? Happiest New Year to you and all the A-Zers.
    Love, MoonWynd

  14. Thanks so much for sharing my cover here today, Lee. I hope A-Z is fantastic again this year!

  15. Crime Fiction with a Kiss. Wow, now there's a genre I won't be able to stop reading. Her book sounds terrific.
    And yup - Jeremy's badge rocks. He's amazing.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  16. Congrats to Carol and Jeremy always does good, :-)

  17. Love the new button! Looking forward to this year's A to Z Challenge. :-)

  18. CONGRATS to Carol!

    Nice badge for this year's A to Z Challenge.

  19. Look forward to co-hosting again with you, Lee!

    And the cover of Kilgore's book is amazing!

  20. Thanks to all for stopping by to comment on this post and my best wishes to Carol on the new book.


  21. I'm looking forward to the A-Z Challenge this year. Last year was my first go and it was brilliant.
    New follower here!

  22. Looks like I might be around this April, if so I am in. Missed it last year as we traveled. Too hard to do whilst touring in China :)

  23. Heather -- Welcome back to the Challenge and thank you for following.

    Rhonda -- We look forward to having you back with us. Traveling does put a crimp on things like A to Z, especially if you're in someplace like China.



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