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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Too Much Time On Your Hands? Guest Hijacker Brian Russell Can Fix That

        This round's guest hijacker is Brian Russell who can be found at the blog Ranting and Raving.  This blog specializes in web development, digital marketing, and all cutting edge aspects of the internet world.  Today Brian has a little fun as he introduces us to some of the useful--and maybe not so useful, but fun websites you can visit when you need some diversion.

Fire up the web, it’s going to be a long day

When the tick-tock of the clock doesn’t bring you any closer to 5 p.m. and you’ve already maxed out your trips to the water cooler, you can always count on the internet to help you get through a slow work day. Filled with an endless supply of news, entertainment, games and more, double-clicking your way onto the Web will leave time at the mercy of your fingertips.

From inconspicuous to conspicuous, here are a few of my favorite ways to pass the time when the work day feels like it’s slugging in slow motion.


Staying up to date with national and international news is a great way to pass some time. Not only will you be able to catch up on hot topic stories on sites like CNNThe New York Times and Huffington Post, you also won’t have to worry about jumping to attention when your boss walks by.

Get a head start on dinner as you browse through thousands of different recipes. If you’ve been craving something specific, you can search for dishes by name or even find new recipes based upon a single ingredient you want to use. You can also get ratings, reviews and special tips from people who’ve tried the recipes before.

Rotten Tomatoes

Sometimes reading other peoples’ reactions to movies can be just as fun as seeing the film yourself. If you’ve got movies on your mind, get ready to throw some tomatoes as you read reviews and ratings on anything fromThe Avengers to Amélie to Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus submitted by professional critics, writers and other users.


Who can resist a short online shopping break? Etsy is a great place to buy and sell all things homemade. You can find all kinds of unique jewelry, clothing, scarves, mugs and artwork on the site and purchase it straight from the artist. Make your downtime at work more productive by searching for one-of-a-kind gifts for friends or family for upcoming holidays and birthdays.

There I Fixed It

If your workplace has zero tolerance for snickering, this site may not be for you. Browse through countless videos, photos and posts depicting “epic kludges.”


Acting as the Google of blogs, Tumblr gives you access to millions of special interest posts and blogs. You can search for specific bloggers or find what you’re looking for by searching for key words. Hipster animals,nostalgic throwbacks and photos of ‘awesome people hanging out together’ are just a few great ones to get you started.

Web Comics

Web Comics are part of a fun storytelling medium that’s often overlooked when it comes to spending time online. There are some great artists out there just waiting for you to get caught up in their stories or get a kick out of their punch lines. Gunnerkrigg CourtQuestionable ContentBrawl in the Family and the Penny Arcadeare a just a few well-known web comics out there that will help you enjoy your extra time at work on slow days.

People of Walmart

Warning: You may find yourself making strange faces or holding back snorts that would otherwise blow your procrastination cover if your cubicle isn’t that far away from a coworker. People of Walmart will provide you with endless hours highly entertaining people watching.


Muggles allowed! If you’ve ever wondered whether you’d be a Gryffindor, HufflePuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin at Hogwarts, Pottermore is your chance to find out! Explore scenes from all seven books to relive the Harry Potter phenomenon and uncover even more background information about your favorite spells, characters and places from the wizarding world.


There are tons of games out there just waiting to eat up a little bit of your extra time. Try Happy Wheels for some quirky controls and intense cycling. Or check out MyFantasyStable for a fun look into the world of fantasy horse racing where you’ll be able to manage your stable, start a league with friends, create your own silks and fill your trophy room up with wins. You can also search sites like Kongregate for hundreds of free games to try out while you’re bored at work. If you sign up, you’ll be able to keep track of your scores and achievements as well as chat with other players on the site. Check out their top rated pages to find the best games and play your way to 5 p.m. freedom.

          My thanks to Brian Russell at Ranting and Raving for today's post.  

           Which of these sites have you readers personally visited?  Any favorites?

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  1. Thank you so much for this Brian, you can be rest assured that I've bookmarked this and I'll be checking out most of the things you've recommended, thanks dude.

  2. Blogging!
    That's what I do at work.
    Or kill time with Rotten Tomatoes and the IMDB.

  3. HA! So there's a whole site to People of Walmart? I get emails every now and then with pics that are hilarious. I'll have to check this one out.

  4. These are all great resources. And if you can't decide which one you want to look at, you can always StumbleUpon.

  5. Wal Mart people are the best. Especailly in real life.


  6. I am with the majority of people who people-watch at Wal Mart. Never fails to amuse. I wonder, though. Am I being watched, too?

  7. Definitely a lot to keep us occupied on the web! I'm itching to check out Pottermore but I know I'm going to get addicted so I haven't even checked it out :)

  8. Brian's list makes me sadly aware of how limited my browsing is. Mail, Fb, Twitter, Blogs, that's about it. People of Walmart sounds interesting.

  9. I had to take a break from Pottermore because it was sucking up all my time. I was way too enthusiastic about it. I hear the second book has been unlocked now (initially, you could only play through the first book) so perhaps I will mosey back thataways in the future.

  10. I blog, FB and Tweet a little. That's about all the time I have. When I signed up on Pinterest, I got lost for a few days, now I'm scared to check out any more sites.

  11. This post was a complete waste of time! Just kidding. Thanks will have to refer to this on the days when the wall clock grinds to a halt. I spend time checking out the latest sports info at I should really use it to write, comment, and read. Thanks!

  12. I can't use the computer for anything at work - not even checking the news sites - unless it is directly work related! Some of these sound fun though! :)

  13. Hey Lee!!! I've been off traveling but I'm back visiting my bloggie friends and waiting to e visited.

    Great Post for those that have time on their hands. Unfortunately not this girl but who knows one day.

  14. Brian, thanks again for this informational hijack. I'm sure we all need more internet diversions :) These are some good ones.

    Thanks to all who stopped in for Brian's post.


  15. Great collection of games, personally I love to play happy wheels 2 game, nice post.


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