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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life is Too Short – How the Heck Did I End Up Here?

       The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is full of surprises.   One of the more pleasant surprises that came my way in the 2011 Challenge was finding the blog of San at Informed Sharing.  I don't even recall how I found her post about me, but there it was making me blush and feel kind of proud at the same time. 

        San had joined in the Challenge when it was too late to get her link on the list, but that didn't stop her.  She went all out posting A to Z topics daily and praising the blog talents of the other participants.  In fact, helping others is one of San's specialties.  And sharing what she knows is the subject matter of her wonderful blog.

       But enough from me.  San is my special guest today and I'm going to turn my blog over to her so she can tell her own story.  

Whew. How the heck did I end up here?

        A few weeks ago, Lee asked me to guest post here at Tossing it Out. I was thrilled, humbled, and quite honestly chagrined. I wrote him back and told him that I certainly didn’t deserve this honor based upon several things – including my erratic blogging habits over the last couple of months.

       Oh, and you know Lee, he pooh-poohed that and convinced me otherwise and so here I am. Guest posting at Tossing it Out.


       I’ll get to the meat of my post in a minute but let me first tell you how I met Lee. Arlee Bird is the co-founder of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. You all know that, and many of you participate, I imagine. I certainly did so, this year – blogging from A – Z, every day of the month of April (except for Sundays). My A – Z consisted of highlighting other A to Z bloggers that I happened to stumble upon from the fabulous list of people who signed up.

      WOWZA, that was FUN! I got to meet and discover a whole big world of blogging that I never imagined (in a trillion years or so…). Meeting new friends and getting a glimpse of their little piece of the (blogging) world was only one of my favorite parts of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

And I wasn’t even officially signed up.

       That’s right. I didn’t sign up for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge of 2011; but I did it anyway. And boy oh boy, it didn’t matter that I wasn’t officially signed up. Those sweet, kind, wonderful bloggers involved in the challenge just swooped me up and took me in without question.

How darn lucky am I? 

       My blog, Informed Sharing, was only two days old when I unofficially began blogging my way through the alphabet. Oh, I’d been blogging for years at this point; but I started Informed Sharing as a way of showcasing writers around the web that would help my readers become better informed about life and how to live it healthy: mind, body, and spirit.

       Whether I am sharing other bloggers, writer friends from one of the sites that I occasionally pen pieces for, or a video that I just couldn’t pass up, I want Informed Sharing to be a comfy place where anyone can come, kick off their shoes, and stay awhile – and learn a thing or two, too!

       But alas, as April rolled into May and then summer flew in, I became caught up in other things and my blog has taken a bit of a backseat to this thing we call life. This brings me back to why I didn’t believe I deserved to be honored with a guest post at Lee’s place.

       And, of course, how the heck I ended up here. I am tickled pink to be sharing a bit of me with you. I want to leave you now with a few things – the meat of my post – you need to know (informed sharing, if you will…).
Life is Too Short – live each day to the fullest and do not regret the steps you take to get where you wish to be.

How did I end up here? Live your life full of passion for whatever it is you wish to do and you cannot fail.

Bottom line your goals – discovering how to take care of yourself – mind, body, and spirit – will enable you to share the triumphs, learn from the disappointments, and leave a legacy true to who you are.

        Quite recently (and due to family stuff too difficult to share here) I sat down and took a good long look at what my end goals were. I like to write, I want to write, I AM a writer. But where, how, when, and with what platform do I wish to share my voice?  Coupled with the invitation to guest post at Tossing it Out, I came to the realization that blogging (and vlogging on YouTube) is where I want to be.

(Please note: the above paragraph doesn’t begin to tell you the scattered pieces of my mind in regard to discovering who I am as a whole…just go with it for now.)

So what does that mean and why does it matter for you?

       Well, just this: I have rediscovered my excitement from the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge of 2011. I want to blog. Daily. And I want to share. Daily. So that you are all better informed about stuff you need to know. Whatever STUFF, which might help you live better.

      No more rattling around, overwhelmed and stretched too thin with this online writing/vlogging career that has chosen me. 

      If you’ve made it this far, I thank you. And I guarantee that you will be seeing much more of me at Informed Sharing – sharing me, you, them, her, him, and US – so that we all may live healthy: mind, body, and spirit.

      Oh, and yessiree bob! You’ll also see me next year at the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2012 edition – sharing new friends and old as I wander through the alphabet once more – officially, of course!

     Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon!

       Come hang out at Informed Sharing and discover more of my brilliant madness! The last year of my life has been spent thoroughly ensconced with the ins and outs of online writing and I would love to help you find YOUR voice!

      If sometimes you want to HEAR what I’m saying, rather then read it, visit Ask San Anything at YouTube and join in the (marginally controlled) chaos there.


** Special thanks once more to Lee for inviting me over. You really are amazing, my blogging friend! **

      And thank you, San, for stopping by today to share with us.  I encourage all readers to stop by San's blog to check it out and while you are there join her site so you won't miss any future posts.



  1. Arlee....Thanks for hosting San.

    San.... It was a nice visit, reading you on Arlee's blog. I enjoyed the challenge too and look forward to the next one.
    Your positive attitude is an inspiration for all of us.

  2. Your post here is exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank you San for posting and Arlee for hosting.

  3. Thanks Lee for hosting San, she like me have much to thank you for the A to Z and am looking forward to the next one.

    I enjoyed San's write up and will look out for her in the future.

    Many thanks for the comments that have come my way via your good self they are always appreciated.

  4. Thank you again, Lee, so very much for inviting me over here. I am so honored to have a place at Tossing it Out.

    The blogosphere is simply amazing and those that reside in it, truly an inspiration to us all :)

    Thank you also to everyone above for taking the time to visit with me!

    Cheers :)

  5. Lee, sounds like you know how to pick them! Wonderful write up San and I'll be paying you a visit, I need all the knowledge I can get. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Wow! Thanks, Lee and San. I could feel the energy pulsating from the page. :)

  7. Lee, thanks for introducing me to San! Will hop over and check out her blog.

  8. Wonderful guest post from San, and very inspiring, good reminders. Thanks.

  9. San, I don't think we realize life is short until it is. :) Great post!

  10. It's easy to get sidetracked permanently from our goals, especially when family "things" get in the way. Good for you, San, for reassessing your dreams and goals and returning to blog and vlog, and thanks, Lee, for having her here today.

  11. How fantastic that the Challenge helped you rediscover your blogging mojo! Cool!

  12. San, I loved the meat of your post. All so true.

    Thanks for hosting her, Arlee.

  13. That was an awesome way to tackle the Challenge, San! My theme was also featuring other bloggers and it was ten times the fun from last year.

  14. Hi guys, San awesome post... It was a pleasure meeting you and stopping by!
    Take care,

  15. Hi San - nice to meet you! :)

    I'm so impressed by people who blog daily! Your time management makes me envious! :)

  16. Thanks for the guest post, Arlee. Looks like you have a big fan of your challenge! Nice to meet you, San.

  17. I want to extend a big thank you to San for this affirming and positive post. Thanks for the kind words. Hope all is well as you go through the current time of grief that you are experiencing.

    Thanks to all who have commented so far.


  18. Nice to see San getting back in to the swing of things. Anyone would be out of his or her mind to toss up a chance for absorbing some of San's "brilliant madness."

    I for one will start to check out the offerings of food for the soul, mind and body over at Informed Sharing and am glad to read this guest post. It was a great reminder of what we can do if we believe in ourselves, have determination to see things through and also the will to go after what we truly desire and what makes us light up, while bringing everyone else along for the wonderful ride :)

    After becoming ill for some time a while back, I realized that life is too short and now try to remind myself to live each day to the fullest.

    Hopefully, I'll get there with you too, eventually, as I try to figure out how to get paid for what I love to do so that I waste less time doing other things that don't really light my fire if you know what I mean, just for the sake of surviving (financially, not literally, lol) or making it to the next day as smooth as possible with the least of worries.

    Thanks for the extra boost!

    "Bottom line your goals".....I like that and may be doing just that this month by creating and executing actionable steps to get me to one of my goals....finding a new apartment that offers more space and a better atmosphere for me to stretch my creative muscles and let the juices flow :)

    The Madlab Post

  19. Wow, fun stuff!!

    I do three days a week - SOMETIMES more, like when I have big stuff to share.

  20. Happy blogging, San! Great to meet you and the challenge was awesome. Arlee and crew did a FAB job organising it. Next year will be awesome too!

  21. Hi Lee and San .. great to tie up with you again .. I remembered, but had had an hiatus in April .. your post for me was so generous ..

    By joining the fray .. you've found a great community to tap into and enjoy .. life is definitely too short - let's go live ..

    I'll get my plimsolls out and run on over .. cheers Hilary

  22. Thank you all for your kind words. It is just astounding the level of support fellow bloggers offer each other :)

    Special thanks to Lee, Nicole, and Hilary...

    Nicole, what a lovely comment, thank you so much. I do hope you achieve everything you wish for :)

    Lee, you simply amaze me.

    Hilary, I adored you (and your blog) then and I adore you now, thank you :)

  23. Hi San - really appreciate your support and the comment .. many thanks - Hilary

  24. I also featured other bloggers and opened my blog up to guest posts for the first time. It was a blast!

  25. That's great that you just went with it. It's good to listen to your blogging muse like that.

  26. Cool post with great advice. I'll check out her blog.

  27. Nice post. The A to Z was certainly fun.

  28. Great guest post! Heck, a great post period! Thanks...

  29. Another big thanks to San for vistiting Tossing It Out. You did a great job.

    I am ever appreciative of all of you who take time to stop by, read, and leave a comment. Thanks!


  30. Wow this is a mega post. I can feel San's enthusiasm and excitement. I enjoyed the A-Z challenge and am impressed San joined in without even needing to link up. :O)

  31. I remember you, San! I LOVED reading your blog. :O)

    I was an 'unofficial' A-Zer, too, having missed the cutoff to sign up, and like you, I was happy that other participants were welcoming and let me play along. It was such a terrific experience and I'll definitely be on board next April! :O)


  32. Thanks again to all who stopped by here and at my blog. What a fabulous group of blogger friends :)

    I am anxious for Monday, my ache is lessening. It will never be easier but it will be less difficult...

    Cheers to all. Life's a lesson, don't forget to soak it all in.

  33. Great find. Its always exciting to find a new blog.


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