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Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog TV

         Things have been getting tossed my way so quickly of late that it's been difficult to keep juggling without dropping.  Last week an unplanned trip to Las Vegas came my way, which becomes the inspiration for my blog posts later this week, so I hope you'll come back to hear some of my thoughts on Las Vegas on Wednesday.  Then on Friday I'll tell you about what was my trip highlight.

          So in the interest of keeping this post relatively short, I wanted to toss something out to you and get your thoughts.

        Call it what you want to--vlogging, vidblogging, vidding, or what have you--I'm sure you've all run across the blogs where the blogger is actually there before you talking.  Sometimes the blogger compiles a narrated tour of something or even acted out scenes.  Usually the blogger speaks directly to us via the vid cam about a topic pertaining to their normal blog theme.   You yourself may have even made a video for your blog.

          I have so far made one video specifically for my blog which you can see here.  I have posted several YouTube videos, but I guess that's not the same as something unique to my blog.  There are a number of things I could put on video.  Some have mentioned that I should do a how to juggle video.  I could do a video tour of my work space--something I have seen other bloggers do.  I could talk about favorite books, music, movies, or the like.   Or I could just make a fool of myself and yack away.

         Sometimes the video blogs are nice because we get a feel for what the blogger is like and it's the next best thing to actually meeting them in person.  However, I find that typically they are too long.  I have a difficult time spending more than five minutes on a video and if the video is over ten minutes it better be incredibly interesting to keep me watching.

         Anyhow, this is a contemplation that I've been having and I thought I'd toss the idea out to you to see what you think.  I would hate to spend time making a video that no one watched.

         How often do you watch videos when someone has them on their site?   What kinds of videos do you like to see?  What is the maximum time you are usually willing to devote to watching a blog video?  Do you have any direct experience with posting videos on your own site?



  1. My husband watches tons of videos that people post on youtube and other sites. He loves them, especially LOL cats. Me, not so much. I would rather read. Then again, he is an artist and I am a writer.

  2. I don't mind them but I like to know what they're about through a title or maybe short description, and I like them to be short, like maybe a minute or so.

    Moody Writing

  3. I watch the videos that come on the blogs, but as for making one I can just about download a photograph and a video would certainly be like climbing Mount Everest for me,
    Pleased you got to Las Vegas I remember the place well with fond memories.


  4. A lot of vlogs show up in posts lately, but I won't watch all of them. Every once in a while, one will catch my interest, but I won't watch the majority of them.

  5. I'd watch you juggle! At least for a minute or so.
    I'll watch a short video, but anything over three-four minutes I tend to skip.

  6. I enjoy vlogs, as long as the vlogger doesn't speak in monotone or ramble on endlessly. 3-4 minutes is about my limit, with rare exceptions. Oh, and funny is good. Funny is always good.

  7. I usually skip most video blogs. Our internet is slow (and, no, we don't have dial up!) and I have to wait for the video to load then go back and watch it. That's probably the biggest reason. Especially if they're longer than a couple of minutes. I would watch if you posted a juggling video though!

  8. For me the video has to be short...really short... I would much rather read.

  9. I have considered using video on my blog a few times, but there's just something about the written word that seems to be a better fit for my content. It works well with some types of blogs, but I'm not sure about it fitting in on mine yet. Most of the ones I will watch on others' blogs are only a minute or two...any longer than that, I usually skip over.

    Keep Smiling,
    Vanessa from Optimal Optimist

  10. I like the occasional video, but I'd second what every one else said: I don't have more than a minute or two to watch a video. I've got lots and lots of blogs to get to. I'm sure you can relate. :)

  11. I usually don't watch any videos unless I'm looking for something.

  12. I have never seen a video blog. I guess I have never visited a site where one was. I have no experience with videos. I don't know how to make one, although I would like to learn.

  13. I almost never watch the videos I come across on a blog. I just don't have the time. Sorry.

  14. I do enjoy watching videos, but I agree with you Lee if it's a long video (more than six minutes for me) it better be interesting.

    I almost always post videos on my blog as they are tie-ins to the topic.

    I really enjoyed the video of the pickled pigs feet taste test when I first saw it. :D

  15. I have yet to make a Vlog. I watch them if they are short. Ninety seconds or less. SOme vlogs just go on and on and on. Maybe I have a short attention span and .... look, a squirrel with a bushy tail!

  16. Pam -- I would like to be able to watch "tons of videos", but I would rather read as I can go and my own pace and skim and skip as I see fit.

    Mood -- I too like to have some idea what I'm going to watch.

    Yvonne -- I don't know how technically competent I would be either.

    Miranda -- I skip most of them as well.

    Alex -- Any juggling that I'd do these days would get pretty boring after a minute or so.

    Word Nerd -- I'm with you that a video needs to be entertaining (or extremely captivating) and that funny usually holds me longer.

    Laura -- I can understand avoiding the videos when download time is slow. If you don't have dial-up are you sure it's slow internet and not a problem with your computer?

    MybabyJohn -- As I previously indicated short vids are preferred and I find reading to work better for me timewise.

    Vanessa - Ditto here. The written word is more adaptable to the reader whereas with the video you're on the blogger's time.

    L.G. -- I can definitely relate. I think we are getting a consensus on the video question.

    E Arroyo -- Sometimes I do specifically look for videos and I'll watch blogger's videos when I'm curious. I mostly skip the music videos or clips from TV shows, etc.

    Gregg -- It would be a good knowledge to have for when it was needed.

    Karen -- Time is my biggest factor too. We could spend all day watching all the videos bloggers put up.


  17. Paula -- When videos are related or even crucial to the topic at hand then I am more likely to watch them if they aren't too long. I thought my pig's feet video was appropriate in a fun way.

    Stephen -- If a video is long it better be enjoyable to watch, entertaining, and provide me with good information. I'm with you on the short attention span (if I'm not overly interested in something) and there has been more than one time when I've stopped watching before the end.


  18. It's just the next level of interactivity, Lee-- a natural progression. It wouldn't surprise me if you were on the vanguard of early adopters.

  19. Unless I see that it's a short video then I usually don't bother. I recall the YouTube phenom a few years back about this senior citizen Englishman who just went on & on & on & after a couple of minutes I left the page. When it comes to blogs I'm here to READ not watch.

  20. Good morning to you Lee.. I loved the video with your daughter... ewww. she is a brave one! I don't know if I would have gotten as far as she did... She looked green LOL!
    I loved that video... I like something interesting like that or something I couldnt see or do in the area I live in! I have one blog I read just because she always puts in awesome music from her town is LA... I also really enjoyed the video on Flannery O'Connor (the video was long) but I was facinated by her, her voice and her writing. I hope this helps!
    Take care,

  21. Hi Lee .. that was funny - but it'd be great to see one of you. I'd quite like to see everyone talking on their blog .. but not too often - I'd rather read or scan read and comment ..

    Most videos are too long. Though I have thought about reading my posts and making an podcast or similar of them - and I'd add in some aspects - so that people who'd like to listen to them could .. ie people who are sick or not able to get out and about as much as we can.

    So occasionally - yes .. would love it ..

    They say the next thing is video blogs .. I can't stay engaged all day on those or podcasts .. because it doesn't allow me to interact as much as a normal blog.

    They're good for information .. but blogging as a norm - no ..

    but reading excerpts from your book .. would be interesting ..

    Having just posted an 8 min video - something I normally wouldn't do - but I consider it of value - because of his story .. it is amazing and so wonderful to know about.

    Cheers - Hilary

  22. I'd rather that they (personal blog videos)be short...honestly, only about a minute. However, I do watch long videos when I can do something else while it's running, like opening my mail or straightening my desk.

    I expect videos on YouTube to be long, because I've been told to watch them by a friend or one of my the Wedding party that danced to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Entertainment holds my attention longer.

    I'm on the run now, but will come back to see the vlog you posted, even if it's ten minutes! :)

  23. Suze -- You may be right and probably are, but so far the response is not encouraging me to go the video route. Well, maybe occasionally.

    Lisa from Nadir-- More than once have I watched for a short time and then left because I had other preferable things to do with my time.

    Lisa from FF designs -- Some videos are fun, some entertaining, and some informative. I'd like to watch more of them, but I'm also trying to speed through a ton of blogs in the time I have each day.

    Hilary -- I agree that I also like to "see" the other bloggers and get a sense of their personalities. However, I like it more when it's an exceptional experience and not a regular feature. I might consider doing this, but I wouldn't want to wear out my welcome either.

    Anita -- If I ever do post a video feature produced by me and starring me I hope you'll let me know what you think. I'm still up in the air about this one.


  24. I'm more likely to watch a humorous video. For vlogs, I'd often rather read the writing. It's quicker, and I can do it from school. It depends.

  25. I'm not a fan of videoing myself. I don't even like to Skype. But I'd watch other people's, so long as the videos aren't too long.
    You're right: it's an interesting way to get to know the blogger better.

  26. Right then, I shall keep my comment short. Often the videos are too long and I lose interest. Just like postings that I consider too long make me lose interest. It's a fast-paced world out in blogland and I read and comment on lots. Anything too long, I just don't have the time or inclination to read. That's why I try to keep my own postings on my shy, humble, rather unknown, non self-promoting site, rather short.
    Did I say I was going to leave a short comment? Whoops. And gee whiz and gosh, when's the next fascinating 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!', complete with the exclamation mark for dramatic impact? I'm so looking forward to a few satire alternatives to the whole thing. Whoops again. This award winning comment will now abruptly end.

  27. I have occasionally posted a video on my blog and when I do I try to keep it short, perhaps a minute or so.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  28. I hate to say it, but I rarely watch videos on blogs. I will if they're short and have something I'm interested in - but they take too much time. I can read pretty quickly, but I can't speed watch! Because I try to visit a lot of blogs, this can be a real problem for me. Sorry! They're just not my thing...

  29. Very rarely watch videos then only for 3 minutes max. Most videos of people talking are embarrassing.

  30. Theresa -- Where you watch from definitely makes a difference. The sound may be annoying to others or call attention to the fact you are blogging if you are supposed to be theoretically doing something else.

    Emily -- The personalization of the blogger to me is the biggest plus.

    Klanhanie -- No more blog fests on this blog for a while. I'm sure there a number of others you can satirize, although probably not many to the magnitude of A to Z.

    Duncan -- A minute or two is usually manageable.

    Jemi -- When I watch a video I'm in their time, when I read I'm in my time and my time tends to be much faster.

    Today -- I have also seen some that would have been better left not made, but occasionally there is a gem that is pretty good.


  31. Lee, I can tell you I have only have run across 2 or three sites that have had videos on them. One gal was doing a vid on how to quit smoking using the new electronic cigarette. Describing how it worked and cost etc. It was short, maybe 2 1/2 minutes. She also did one demostrating the 30day shred for losing weight. Funny as hell at the end when she put a frozen bag of french fries on her thigh and taped it on.

    I have never made one and I suspect I would make one too long should I attempt it. I am also not sure I have the right voice for vblogging. I would however have no problem watching a video on someones blog that was no longer than 3 1/2 minutes or somewhere in that range.

    I say if the spirit moves you go for produce it, I'll watch it.

  32. Usually if I see the content is in video form I move on to the next blog. I just don't have the time or a fast enough internet connection to watch videos.

  33. I watch blog videos but haven't tried one myself. Maybe I'll think about it.

  34. I haven't come across vlogging much at all. I have posted many videos from you tube and they are always fun. The few that I have come across (Vlog posts) have been interesting, I feel like I wouldn't do such a great job If i did it on my blog.
    Blessings, Joanne

  35. To me, it depends on how long the video is. It's hard enough to comment on all the blogs I want to, without having to spend 5 minutes watching a video. I read very quckly, but I can't control how fast a person speaks on a Vlog. However, I'd love to see a video of you juggling!

  36. Chuck -- I don't think the nature of one's voice matters as much as the preparation and presentation.

    Kmc -- It depends for me--my internet speed is pretty good, but I just don't have time to watch a lot of videos.

    Teresa -- I guess you never know til you try. I'd watch your video if you put one up.

    Joanne -- Same goes for you: You never know til you try. And I have found some interesting content, but considering the time factor in watching them I couldn't watch too many of them.

    Pat -- Maybe one day I'll have to do a juggling video, but I think I'd need a videographer to shoot it correctly and effectively--and I'd have to practice. My juggling chops are probably not up to par these days.


  37. I enjoy the amusing videos over the ones where we just see the blogger talking at a camera. I also prefer them exceptionally short.

  38. I haven't read the other comments but I imagine I have a different answer. In New Zealand we do not have unlimited bandwidth. Most common plan is 3Gs per month. I pay $60 per month to have 20G, and I don't watch many videos at all. I also never watch them over 4 minutes, and will rarely watch them over 3 minutes (exception is educational videos which are part of the children's homeschool curriculum). Now to be a bit of hypocrite - I am thinking about doing one myself, but it will be short :)

  39. For me, a vlog (what a horrible word!!) must be longer than a minute, or it's over before it's begun, and shorter than five minutes, unless it's hilarious, in which case I'll watch it again and again.
    I wanted to watch your 'Pigs' feet' vlog but there it was - gone!!
    Haven't vlogged anything yet, but the Man of the House is working on it;-)

  40. I think I prefer to read the blog, as I can finish reading two blogs in the time taken to load one vlog.


  41. If there short, I may give them a go. You Tube is ok but I have a hard time when the author is staring straight at me without a blink. I figure they're new at it but I still find it creepy. :)

  42. i alwys watch the videos people post because i learn so many new and interesting things this way

    Everyday Life

  43. LOL, I remember that video of yours! I watched that one and I follow some VLOGS but I do enjoy reading people's thoughts. It would be nice to get some real content to the people though. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  44. Lynda -- Humor seems to be a preference.

    Rhonda -- I can see where that bandwidth issue could present a problem. Go ahead and do one--we'll watch it.

    Jab - The pig's feet video was there the other day when I tried. We'll look forward to what you put up.

    Misha -- If everyone started doing vlogs I wouldn't get through anywhere near the number I do now.

    Mary -- Yeah, if the video lacks fun or personality it can get pretty stilted and dry.

    becca -- I do watch a lot, but I'm also very selective. Length is also a big issue.

    Jules -- You're right. Content counts for a lot.


  45. I don't watch videos very much because they encourage my daughter to come see what I'm up to and then I get nothing done :D

  46. I will actually most often skip videos, whether on a blog, Facebook or an online forum. If they are around 2 minutes I may give them a go, but anything over that has to be really intriguing to get me to bother. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe because I can read at my own speed, but I have to slow down and allow a video to unwind on its own.

  47. I never get tired of Lord of the Rings. ;)

    Nice post!

  48. Brianna -- I can watch them without interference since it's only my wife and I here and she usually doesn't bother me when I'm on the computer.

    Shannon --My video policy is usually pretty much the same.


  49. IBD -- I have to start all over watching the movies since I still need to see the 3rd installment but it's been a few years since I watched the other two. Now they're releasing a new box set with more added. I'll probably forego that and stick to the original ones I have now.



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