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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday in Tennessee

      If this post is what you're reading then I didn't have an opportunity to write anything else.   I'm either having too much fun in Tennessee or can't get on the internet or both.

            In any case thank you for all the truly great comments left on my Monday post about the Negatives of the A to Z Challenge.     If you didn't read the comments for this post you should check them out--they are quite excellent.

            Hopefully, on Monday May 16th there will be the post about the positives of the A to Z Challenge.  See you there!



  1. I've seen this challenge all over the blogosphere. I have got to join for next time!

  2. Hope you are having the time of your life in Tennessee! Wish I was there with you - at least in Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Franklin...

    Have fun and be safe brother!

  3. Enjoy your holiday and your family:-)

  4. OH! I'll have to go check out the post. I imagine committing to posted 26 straight days was intense! Good job to everyone, though!


  5. Pleased you're having a good time, are you going to Nashville?
    Been quite a day Friday the 13th,
    no Blogger on the net until now. but alls well that ends well.

    Enjoy your week-end;

  6. Just enjoy! Blogger's been down for almost a day anyway.

  7. The 'positives' post should be 10x the size of the 'negs' post. I think the challenge was wildly successful, and by next year we should have at least 1500-2000 participants. (My betting window will open Feb. 1, 2012. Thank you.)

  8. Having a wonderful time with family in Tennessee. Was not able to access Blogger for something like 2 days with network issues and my step-father's computer needing upgrades. Now looks like we're fine on both accounts.

    Won't be in Nashville, but in East Tennessee the weather has been great and everything is beautiful. Makes me want to move back here.

    Thanks for the comments

  9. Hey! I have become a follower but love your blog and would really like to get email updates of your posts. Do you have that set up where I could? I couldn't find it anywhere if so...I am probably just looking right over it:)

  10. I hope you are having a wonderful time on vacation!
    Have a wonderful time,
    Take care!

  11. LOL, I love it - enjoy yourself and have a great break!

  12. Have fun and enjoy yourself, Lee! You were lucky to miss the Blogger fiasco! :)

  13. Hope you're having a grand time Lee! :)

  14. Fortunately for me my vacation time was timed right for the Blogger fiasco. Let's hope that doesn't happen often.

    Thanks for all the well wishes.

    Deana-- I'm not real familiar with the subscription by email process. I have the "Subscribe to Tossing It Out" tabs in my sidebar, but I'm not sure how those work. Becoming a follower of this blog I guess will provide you updates in your Google Reader, but I'm not sure about direct email updates. Hope to hear more from you.



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