This Is Me--2024 A to Z Theme

My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Blog Schedule

I've tended to maintain that a regular blog schedule is important for any serious blogger.   My blog began as a seven day per week endeavor.  Later I reduced my posting to three days a week--Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
In recent months my posting has become a bit more haphazard with attempts to post every Monday unless I had a Battle of the Bands post that fell too near my Monday posting day.

Currently I'm evaluating the concept of schedule on this blog.  I continue to hold to the importance of regularly scheduled blog posting, but I also think it's important to be flexible and blog according to ones personal needs and time frame.

More on this to come, but for the sake of historical context here is my blog schedule as I originally adhered to in my more prolific blogging times:

Monday: Mostly Writing Monday is a day that may include Blog Boggled or Persnickety Penman features, reviews, or stories and poetry on some occasions. And every now and then I might toss out a top favorites list.

Wednesday: Tossing It Out Tuesday will switch to Wednesday with a mash up of Debate Day, my continued effort to get rid of stuff, and any other thoughts  This is also a day when I may offer reviews.  I want to toss out to readers to hear what you have to say.

Friday  The Friday Mind Excursion will combine human interest and memoirs with fiction and strange stories. I might even experiment with Bible studies in a totally different way as suggested to me by Stephen T. McCarthy--I'll have to think on that one.

When I began Tossing It Out I was posting on a daily basis.   When I decided to cut back on my posting days I had a poll on this blog site to see which of my daily features were the most popular. The results were as follows--with day, topic, and percentage of votes for the favorite topic:

Sunday Bible Study (20%)

Monday Blogging and Writing Topics (68%)

Tossing It Out Tuesday (50%)

Wednesday Human Interest stories and memoirs (31%)

Thursday Debate Day (31%)

Friday Mystery Topic (43%)

Saturday Review and Preview (11%)

Percentages are over 100% because I had asked readers to pick the top three favorites. I may have skewed things by including the day of the week since the percentages correspond with the most active days on this blog. Still the numbers are pretty much what I had expected based on my analytics stats.

The new schedule for Tossing It Out will eliminate the Saturday preview and review since that was pretty much of a throw away day anyway. As I mentioned this past Saturday, there will still be occasional special Saturday posts for awards or whatever else special comes along. These days will be unscheduled surprise days. Also, the Sunday Bible Study will be taking a break as I re-evaluate what to do. Alex J. Cavanaugh suggested that I might want to collaborate with other bloggers to create a separate Bible study blog where we can all contribute. I'd be happy to discuss this with any interested parties.