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Friday, June 20, 2014

Battle of the Bands Result (Must Have Been Written in the Starfields)

No Vacation for Battle of the Bands!

        Even though I'm on vacation for the next several weeks the Battle of the Bands posts will continue.  And I've got some good ones coming up.  In fact July will be epic.  There will be a two parter that is proof of the lasting power of American pop music.  One song spanning over 150 years sounding just as up to date in modern incarnations as anything else available.   Stick with me for the upcoming BOTB episodes!

Winner of Last Battle

       Had another close race for my previous battle.   Click the link if you missed it and want to check out the rivalling artists.   The song was Bruce Cockburn's "Lord of the Starfields" as performed by Ali Matthews and the duo of Nico and Ari Neufeld.

       And I mean this was a close one which is a good thing from the way I see it.   It was a tough choice for me and I could have gone either way.   I was trying to find a version by Pam Mark Hall but to no avail.  I was glad to find the Matthews version since it was very close to the one by Hall as I recall hearing it on the radio some 25 years ago or so.   Then I found the version by the duo and that changed the game for me.

       My vote went to the more uptempo version by Nico and Ari.   That brought their vote count to nine with Ali Matthews receiving the winning count of 10.   Not a bad contest by any means.

Final count:
Nico and Ari Neufeld   9 votes
Ali Matthews               10 votes

        I'll be back next Wednesday with a short and stupid post.   You won't want to miss it!  ---Though after you read it, you may wish you had missed it.

          Were you surprised to see such a close vote between the two versions of "Lord of the Starfields"?     Are you ready for the summer?   What kind of music gives you a summertime feeling?


  1. Ready for summer? I guess so! The Grateful Dead is always kind of like summery music for me since spring/summer was the time I'd see them the most. And of course there are tons and tons of songs from the 60s-80s that remind me of summer.

  2. Missed this battle. Sorry. I don't think any music makes me feel summery. Good weather works though.

  3. Close battles are the best. I have learned that I am not good at predicting which ones will be close and which will be landslide wins. I really thought that my current battle would be closer... but nope.

  4. Sorry I didn't get to vote. It would have been a tie! I'll look out for the next one. Thanks for hosting this epic battle.

  5. Alex-- Close

    JoJo -- Grateful Dead did a lot of festival events in the summer so I can see that.

    Jo -- Good weather is often a good indicator of summer though not necessarily in places like Los Angeles.

    Robin -- I like the close battles because I feel like I've picked strong choices.

    Greg-- Hope you'll come back on July 1st for the next one.


  6. With that kind of build-up (for next week's post)...I may have to miss it!


  7. I think the teaser about the next post is another study Lee is doing trying to analyze all bloggers. . .but I can't decide if it is better to miss it or not miss the post. . .

  8. Larry & DG -- I guess you'll just have to see the post to decide whether or not you should have missed it.


  9. I think sometimes it's good when the votes are close, as you never know who the winner will be until the end. : )
    Enjoy your summer travels!

  10. I'm not surprised by the close battle as the song sounded great both ways and I think it is apples or oranges in this case. Glad the one I liked won:) Oh the basic summer songs make me feel like summer is here. That silly Hot, Hot, Hot and Kokomo(??) by the Beach Boys.

  11. Close battles seem to be a but more fun. At least you know the folks had to ponder it some.

  12. That was a close contest. Interesting. Love Bruce Cockburn. I've watched his beautiful hair turn from black to white. Lovely man, I hear. I'm definitely ready for summer. It's supposed to be nice today, maybe 27c.

  13. It was an interesting song choice. I hear a fair amount of new (to me) music on these posts.

  14. She must have won by my single vote. :-) See, your vote does count.

  15. Hey Lee,

    That was a surprisingly close battle of the bands.

    I'm ready for an English summer which is the warmer part of the English winter. "Summer", by Calvin Harris, gives me a nice, summertime feeling.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, good sir.


  16. Thanks all for the comments. Sorry to answer collectively, but the internet service in this hotel in Jackson, Mississippi is a bit wonky so I need to keep it short.



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